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Last week we reviewed the live album, today it’s time for the book to be scrutinized. They come as a package – a tour CD and a tour photo book.

As the previous books the photos have been taken by southern Swede Anders Roos. The book is designed by also longtime collaborator Pär Wickholm. Anders usually has a darker style in his photographs. This time around though, not. The images are brighter and more colorful. Why? I don’t really know, but if it were me I’d also go with brighter colors to show the beauty of Sweden in the summer, with all the colors, bright nights and of course Per with the band, and the audience! Anders has naturally focused on Per first, the band second, the surroundings third. There are also quite a few photos of the crowd, where I recognize more than a few people. “What I think is the greatest thing about the book is that the contents feel very personal and close to both Per and the band” says Anders to TDR.

Apparently they travel with their own beers?!

Per has written the preface, as per usual. In the preface he mentions that they started out with 45 songs, such as “Revolver upp,” “Arabiska nätter” and “På väg.” They whittled it down to around 30 when the production moved to Stockholm. “Some new, some old, like it should be” says Per. In the book Per has also doodled, one drawing says VARFÖR TAR DET SÅN TID?? (WHAT TAKES SO LONG??) for instance. Guess he was frustrated! Some of the doodles can be found in other books too.

En vacker bok is what it claims to be – a beautiful book. If you like Per, get it. If you saw the tour, get it. If you saw the tour and got the album, get the book to read while listening to it. Open a bottle of cold Sommartider and reminisce!

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December 14th, 2017

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