Per Gessle’s show in Gent a magical night

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 EDITOR'S NOTE: TDR reporter Colin van der Bel files this additional account and review of the Party Crasher concert in Gent, Belgium. Update: Click here for a special TDR slideshow with more than 100 pictures of the concert!

GENT, Belgium —  It was a cloudy afternoon in Holland as this reporter began the drive down to Belgium to see Mr. G and his Heavy Metal Kids live in Gent's Handelsbeurs music venue later that night.

When I arrived, a large group of fans had already assembled and were pretty excited when Clarence and Pelle made a brief appearance. The show wasn't sold out completely, but surely the enthusiastic fans would made up for that!

The show started with support-act Martinique, who performed (singing, playing the guitar and even doing the elecric-boogie) a number of his songs. Also worth noting is that, in my opinion, the selection of music played before the show and during the intermission was excellent!


And then suddenly the music stops and we all hear the sound of birds, soon to realise we're listening to an excerpt from the title theme to 'The Sound of Music'. The globe on stage turns a bright orange and then Per and the Kids mount the stage! The band starts playing, Per starts singing, and the crowd just explodes! The songs were great and the band played as tight and strong as ever. "Hey Mr. DJ" was played for the first time during the tour this night and believe me, it was beautiful.  I have nothing but praise for Helena: you were awesome! "Nox" was certainly up to speed now, and songs like "Sleeping In My Car" and "She Doesn't Live Here Anymore" rocked hard! The uptempo songs were contrasted by beautiful ballads – they couldn't have chosen a better setlist for tonight. Being a fan of Per's demos, I immensely enjoyed him singing some of those Roxette songs – it was like a dream come true at last! All in all I think everyone was really satisfied with this show…  I know I certainly was.


About half an hour after the show, Per came out to do a signing. A large number of fans had already made a fairly long line in front of the tables, carrying CDs, LPs, T-shirts and whatnot to be signed by The Man himself. Per took the time to take a picture with everyone who wanted and signed everything that had to be signed, so that no one was disappointed.  I must give him credit.  It's just excellent of him to be there for everyone! Chris, Pelle, Magnus and Clarence also mingled among the crowd, allowing for some more items to be signed, including a huge Spanish flag.






To sum up, I think it was a magical night and everyone was very happy and pleased. Per and band really seemed to enjoy playing for us and the crowd just loved it. I for one am surely looking forward to the show in Amsterdam!


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May 4th, 2009

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