Per Gessle’s Birthday present to himself and the fans

Per Gessle Presents Mono Mind – release January 12 when Per turns 60!

Mono Mind, consisting of the ficticious members Dr Robot, Cooky Carter, Bright Jones and Rain Davies, have during the last year had time to release three singles abroad and they have charted high on club and radio charts in the US and France. The US chart includes a prestigious six weeks long first place on the dance charts of the radio business magazine and #1s on iTunes Electronica as well as Amazon Electronica. In France Mono Mind were nominated double in NRJ DJ Awards 2018 as “Band of the Year” and “Club Hit of the Year.”

Now Mono Mind’s new album is released world wide and finally it can be revealed that behind this secret project is no one else than Per Gessle!

These are the words of the popsmith himself:

“I had an idea about a concept with a, to me, different kind of pop music. I wanted to do something I’d never done before. I wanted to start with a classic pop vein but then things would happen around it which I definitely hadn’t done before, including serious laborations with my own voice. When I noticed no one recognized my voice the idea about a cool ficticious and cartoon band was born, with its roots in both pop art and pop history. Totally fun!”

The album is released January 12, on Per’s 60th birthday, as a present to himself and us fans.

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January 9th, 2019

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