Per about Marie: She’s up and feeling fine

STOCKHOLM - For one of the first times since Marie's operation, Per talked about his friend and partner on a Swedish radio program. After a hard time, the Roxette-star is feeling better.

  "She is up and in in good spirits," said Per to Radio Sweden.
As TDR readers are aware, Marie underwent surgery on September 30th. The doctors removed a tumor that had appeared in the back of her head.

  For the first time since that operation two weeks ago, Per gives a vision of the time before, during and after the operation.

  In the interview with SR’s program "S-Märkt," Per explains that Marie is feeling better and better.

  "Marie feels quite fine. She is up and in good spirits, but of course dazed by what has happened," says Per.

  "It is something she has come over now, I think. Now they have operated and it went fine. But it has been a hard time for her, of course, and for all of us."

  He explains that the operation was planned long before it was known.

  "It wasn’t a flash operation, I knew that she would be operated before others got to know," says Per.

He got to know about Marie’s accident when he was on his way to a press conference in Belgium, about the planned autumn tour with Roxette.

  "I got to know about it when I was in the taxi on my way to Kastrup. I was near Halmstad then and I didn’t understand a thing. I decided to go to Kastrup and wait for more information. And then I got it, so when I got to Kastrup I decided to stay.

  "It was hard news, of course. But I didn´t know how bad it was. (tumor…). I don´t really get it now either. It's been a very hard time for all of us," says Per.

  "Besides that Marie feels better, I will go on working with promotion work around the world with this album. Then we will work in the studio too. We hope to have some more stuff ready by Christmas or January, says Per in the interview.

"My personality and Marie’s work really fine together. We fight very seldom and we are like brother and sister. We complete each other so well - even at a human level - and that has helped us a lot."

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was picked up by Reuters, so expect to see it appear in English-language newspapers around the world. It already appears on Yahoo!'s news page, for example. – LEO

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October 14th, 2002

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