Marie Fredriksson

One week

“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.” (George Eliot)


It was a week ago that we learnt of the news everyone knew would inevitably come one day but no one was prepared for: Marie is gone.

Gone forever.

For all of us, it came out of the blue. There was no blueprint that told us what to do or what to say. We were as shocked as any of you and yet we felt we had to be strong. Strong for you, and strong for ourselves. So here we are now, one week later. How does it feel now?

It’s been intense. We talked to so many fans from all over the world these days and listened to so many stories. Marie had the talent to encourage people she had never met in person before to find their ways in life. She was this special mixture of power woman and fresh girl and yet she was as vulnerable as any of us. She took the burden of rushing through this unforgiving pop circus, she was the face that smiled for the cameras. She had her own struggles but always kept her head up for us. She was a role model. A fighter. Someone who showed us that it’s possible. For many, and this we learnt again this week, she was the one that made sense living for, and now she’s gone.

Through her music she gave us strength, the will to stand up, the will to go this next step, for some the will to survive. As simple as this. As big as this.

But there is one thing we shall never forget: She is gone now but what she leaves behind will always stay here. She is still with us, in her music, in her lyrics, in her songs, in her smiles, in her messages to us and in our memories. As long as we remember her she will live. So let us remember her, let her live and let us live! We are the ones who will carry her message on through the world. Let us keep talking about Marie, let us keep listening to her songs and then she will still be here around us.

Around us to be there for you, too. Because actually, it was you who stood up. It was you who went this next step. It was you who had the will to survive. You always had the power in you, Marie only helped you to find it. And this will never change. Always remember!

For some it is easier to proceed, for some it will take a long time still. Everybody is different and this is okay. Life is going on around us, and this is good so. Going on doesn’t mean to let go. One can do both at the same time. 

Tomorrow, we will switch the lights back on here on our website. We know that Marie wouldn’t want to see us sad because of her. This is not why she played the strong woman for us even in times when she didn’t feel like that at all. We shall go on, and we shall look back. Let’s do this together.

It must have been love… and it always will be!

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December 16th, 2019

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