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When Marie Fredriksson announced the release of Nu! many fans hoped and dreamed for a solo Marie tour.  Their prayers were answered and Marie is currently in the middle of her first solo tour in 14 years, singing songs covering her entire solo career from 1984’s “Ännu doftar kärlek” right up to “Sista sommarens val” which was, of course, released earlier this year. Marie has played concert halls and theatres across Sweden and with only 7 shows left of the tour, there is not long left to catch the show! If you haven't gotten tickets, you may want to look into it.

The Daily Roxette got the chance to speak to Marie recently.  Read on to hear the latest thoughts on the tour from Marie herself:  

TDR: Hi Marie!
MF: Hi!!

TDR: If you think back to 2009 when the beginning of Roxette’s comeback began, and then the subsequent massive world tour, does it surprise you that there are still so many people interested in the work that you and Per do?
MF:  I tend not to think about it like that.  I’m just very happy and grateful that the audience is still with us.  

TDR:  This is your first solo tour in 14 years.  How does it feel to stand on stage, singing your Swedish songs once again.
MF:  It’s totally amazing!  I have longed for this for many years!

TDR: You have a huge back catalogue of solo material.  How hard was it to pick the songs that would be played on your tour?
MF:  Of course it is always hard to choose the songs, and there were a few others songs that we rehearsed, but the ones we actually play feel like an obvious choice for the setlist.

TDR:  The setlist does feel well composed. How do you feel the response to the tour has been so far, both from the fans and the Swedish press?
MF:  I’m overwhelmed!  The reception is more than I ever imagined and, of course, I’m so happy about it!

TDR: The venues for your tour are much more intimate than the monster arenas that you’re used to when performing with Roxette.  There must be a big difference in playing these two very different venues?  Do you find it easier or harder to perform at the smaller, more intimate concerts?
MF:  Obviously with the smaller venues you are very close to the audience.  In a way, it’s harder but it’s also lovely to be able to connect.  Of course, a jam-packed arena isn’t too shabby either…!

Marie continues by telling us that it's very difficult to choose a favorite song. "It's different from night to night." Also she is perplexed by how the audience has received her and the tour. That includes the newer material as well. "I couldn’t have imagined how positive they are receiving all the songs."

When asked if there are plans for a live DVD and a CD Marie responds "There are no plans for a DVD, but we’ll see about a live CD" which many fans feel is a must.

TDR:  Many fans have travelled from around the world to Sweden to see you live. What do you think about that?  Did you expect to see so many familiar faces?
MF: I’m so grateful for the support from the international fans - it’s moving and overwhelming.  To be honest, I didn’t expect such a huge turn-up.

Thank you all!

The final leg of Marie’s tour starts on Friday 4 April in Borås at Åhaga and will continue until Saturday 19 April at the Folkets Hus in Umeå. TDR will review Gävle April 11.


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