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Gyllene Tider rocking Ronneby

Gyllene Tider visited Ronneby and is getting better and better

Ronneby Brunnspark is quite an unusal park. Besides featuring differently themed gardens, it also stretches over hills and actually mostly consists of forests. With one exception, and that is a huge meadow where concerts are held sometimes. Yesterday for instance it was Gyllene Tider’s.

I’ll make it short: I may not have seen so many concerts on this tour but I dare to say that (besides Ullevi but we all know that was a totally different category) this one was the best so far. Per and the band kept talking to the audience all the time, the people on the other hand were quite active too. Many hands raised up, they sang along and they all had a good time. Looks like the Ronneby people are more of the relaxed type. They enjoyed being there and they enjoyed that GT came to their town near the coast.

Another important thing to mention is the energy within the band. I mean, they do poses all the time. Per bonds with MP, Anders joins in. Then the girls (let’s give them their names back: Dea and Malin-My) come to the front. The part when Syd takes over and turns the clock back to the ’50s has its very own energy. Like I said before, granted he can’t sing but he is a hell of an entertainer. (By the way, they used to say the same about Robbie Williams and Madonna… let this settle a bit… ahhhh).

So, all in all it’s a pity this tour is coming to an end while the band is just about getting in real good shape. Also, the tour ends for me here, it was a joy to watch it and I think it’s great that my last show with GT was such a special one. In Halmstad, Thomas “Get your Umbrellas” Evensson will take over.

Photos (a few more than usual and there are many more in my vaults): Kai-Uwe Heinze

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August 7th, 2019

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