Per Gessle – En vacker kväll, the DVD

Per Gessle went on a successful Swedish solo tour last summer. Usually there’s a DVD from the tours, this time is no different.

So what can we say about this DVD? Well, the review will be (fairly) short and sweet. The DVD is excellent, the audio is amazing, and the video is great. What’s wrong then, you ask? It’s a DVD… It’s 2018, and it really should have been a BluRay. What we get here is 576i (PAL) and stereo sound, when we could have gotten at least 1080p and Dolby Digital/DTS. Among the good news is that the disc works in a US PS4 game console without any problems at all.

A nice memento if you were there, and if you weren’t there, a nice way to experience the tour first hand. The evening of August 11, at Brottet in Halmstad was magical. The summer of 2017 in Sweden wasn’t that great, to be kind, but that night the rain stayed away and it was even a hot day. Relive it or experience it for the first time. Also you of course get the full concert, with the faster tracks, not just the slow numbers from the live album. From our review last summer:

There were a few slight differences in Halmstad compared to the rest of the tour: it was videotaped for SVT (and likely for a VHS/DVD/BD later on), Helena got a ton of lovin’ from the fans, the weather was nice, Lasse Winnerbäck joined Per on stage for not one, but two duets. “Småstadsprat” and “Honung & guld”, the latter being one of Lasse’s favorite Gyllene songs.

The band was pumped, Per was happy to be within walking distance of the venue and Magnus invited everyone to join the band party afterwards, at Per’s place. “Just tell the guard you’re with me”. I wonder how many came? Helena shone with happiness, which was great to see, after all the flak she’s gotten before. Clarence was at the top of his game and was all smiles. In fact, because of the video shoot, the whole band was snappier than ever. There were no real changes in the set list. “Tittar på dej när du dansar” was kicked, and “Min plats” ended the whole show after the monster that is “Sommartider”. Andreas Quincy Dahlbäck slaughtered his drums with the 3-4 min intro to “Sommartider”.

It was a good show, it will look good on TV come this winter. The songs that caused the most energy seemed to be the normal four: “Ljudet av ett annat hjärta”, “Spegelboll”, “Gå & fiska!” and “The Look”.

It wasn’t taped by SVT and it wasn’t shown on TV, which is kind of sad as it would have been in HD.

This DVD is well worth it if you are a Per fan.

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June 22nd, 2018

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