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“Do what you want but harm no one” left an impression

Mikael Nogueira Svensson of Roxette’s road crew tunes a guitar

“Do what you want but harm no one.” Roxette’s old slogan still seems to work in real life. And it left some impression.

Roxette got praised today in the comments section of German news magazine Spiegel Online. One of the “stagehands” (the guys who among other things build the stages and take care about the technical stuff in the background) talked a little about his experiences with “stars”. He said, there is one “international mega star” who had the stagehands set up a private lavatory right under the stage just for him. Or the “German band from Mannheim” which tells the helpers to go out of their sight when the musicians are entering or leaving the stage. Or another German band of “world fame” who does not provide food or drinks for the workers during their 10 hour shift and even bans them from the venue while the show is running so that they cannot take a look.

But then there are the good, “totally normal” ones, and here he expecially pointed out Roxette, “who do not make you feel any different to anyone working backstage, they act marvellously relaxed, along with their own road crew.”

That’s maybe not exactly a total surprise for you but still worth to mention, right?

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June 18th, 2013

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