And the winners are…

The Daily Roxette in cooperation with Roxette’s official web store are proud to present the winners in our contest.

The lucky winners are:

Michael Persson, Sweden
Samu Reijonen, Finland
Kathie Winn, Australia
Gábor Keleti, Hungary
Christina Röhrs, Germany

Congratulations to your €10 gift cards!

The correct answers are as follows:

1. Where does the name “Roxette” originate from?
From a Dr Feelgood song (Roxette).

2. What does T&A stand for in the famous Studio T&A?
Tits & Ass

3. “Writing songs with XX was like a long joyride.” was said by?
Sir Paul McCartney (talking about John Lennon of course.)

4. Where was the song “Soul Deep” written, according to Marie Fredriksson?
In a Paris public rest room, said Marie Fredriksson laughingly in an interview with Swedish Jakob Dahlin.

5. Per Gessle is an avid collector of…
Red wine. (Mouton Rothschild, if I remember correctly)

6. If Per would get a tattoo on his back, what would it say?
Of course there is no correct answer to this, but

37 people thought it would be “I Am Per I Am
62 people voted for “I Am the Walrus
15 people thought that it should say “These are not the Pairs we’re looking for

And then there was the reason why you should win.

Michael Persson: I want to give a gift to my wife on her 30 birthday!

Samu Reijonen: Because winning would be a Joyride!

Kathie Winn: How Do You Do? My One Wish in the Centre of my Heart would be to get my Fingertips on some new Rox swag. Spending my Time looking at Roxette gear would be a Perfect Day and will see me Dressed for Success. I have a Never Ending Love with Roxette. To win would be Almost Unreal and it would Make my Head go Pop but I guess my Chances are low and I might Cry but alas when Opportunity Nox I guess Anyone can be the winner.

Gábor Keleti: Because I am the leader of the Hungarian Roxette tribute band, the Pearls of Roxette. And that tells everything about how much I like Roxette. I even give a CD of ours to Per, when he came to Hungary. Now it’s time to get something back. 🙂 But if he sent us a video message, that would be enough as well.

Christina Röhrs: Why not? Even if I maybe chose some wrong answers I should win. 🙂 Winning makes fun and fun keeps you happy and happiness keeps you healthy and health makes you live longer and if you live longer you can buy more Roxette CD’s. Just that easy. …next to the fact that I am a little bit bancrupt after all this lovely touring and expensive holidays behind and ahead of me. *Smile* 🙂

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