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  ★ TDR Archive for December 23rd, 2019

Det svenska popundret – The Swedish Pop Phenomenon

2 months ago SVT broadcast a documentary about modern Swedish music’s journey around the world. I just had the time now to watch it and since many fans asked for translation, I thought I would summarize it for them. The part with Roxette in it has a more detailed summary, of course. The documentary consists ... Read more

#TURMVLG 23: Fading like a Flower, Part 4. (Director: Doug Freel, Producer: Lisa Hollingshead, 1991): Do you remember the first time we spoke about FLAF? The first part was about Stortorget, and there we mentioned the Swedish Academy which chooses the annual Nobel Prize winners. After the certificates and medals are handed over, a banquet with 1.300 guests takes place, and that happens at Stadshuset, Stockholm's city hall (not to be confused with the town hall). And if you up the stairs from the banquet you enter the Golden Hall, where not only the Nobel Ball is being held after the Nobel Banquet but also where the interior scenes for FLAF were recorded. The Golden Hall was actually meant not to look golden at all until an anynomous person donated a lot of money around 1918 and 18.6 million mosaic pieces could be applied to the walls along with 11 kg of gold leaf. Another location used in the video is the tower of Stadshuset where we can see Per standing 73 m above the place Marie swam with the ducks from Stars. Interior: Location: See More