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  ★ TDR Archive for December 21st, 2019

#TURMVLG 21: How Do You Do! (Director: Anders Skog, Producer: Ola Holmgren, 1992): How do you do – do you do – the things that you do! What an uplifting song and what a fitting video to it! Anders Skog was the director for The Big L. as well, maybe you can spot the similarities in style, the love for fresh ideas in the clips. The video to HDYD was recorded on a rooftop in Stockholm, just a tiny bit out of the centre. It was actually this clip that started my interest in this …series because I always wanted to know the exact spot this video was made in. So comparing viewing angles and house facades with aerial footage brought the solution: We are on the roof of Fiskargatan 1a in Stockholm, a building that resembles elements of a roman castle while fitting perfectly in its surroundings. Inside you find the shop “Konstnärernas Centralköp”, basically a store for artists where they can buy their material for painting and other artwork. Sometimes they use the roof for parties but normally it’s closed for the public. In the video itself you find various sequences from the good old times, among others with The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, to name just a few. In the short scenes where you can grasp a bit of background, you can see the old town, Gamla Stan, where several other videos, among them FLAF, were recorded. There’s also the Royal Castle. So, how do you do? Location: and See More