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#TURMVLG 20: Fireworks, Part 3. (Director: Michael Geoghegan, Producer: Louise Knight, 1994): Yes, Fireworks again, and there will be part 4 some day! Looks like we're running out of time, this calendar is ending soon but we have so much more to tell you! Now, the lighthouse scene in Fireworks: It was made in a small village called Dungeness in Kent/England. You may have heard this name before if you're very much into rock history and especially Pink Floyd. The sleeve for album A COLLECTION OF GREAT DANCE SONGS was photographed there, to be precise in front of Seagull cottage (don't look for it, it burnt down in the early 1980s). The other thing Dungeness is known for is the huge grey block of concrete that appears directly behind the lighthouse if you watch carefully. It's the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station. You also find one of Europe's longest shingle beaches (which is a problem for the power station as this isn't exactly the most stable underground you can imagine for a building like that) and in the old fishermen cottages live artists now. The Prodigy, Lighthouse Family (yes, really!) and Nicki Minaj all made music videos there, to name just a few. If you want, you can climb up the lighthouse and watch some birds in the Dungeness National Nature Reserve or even marry there. Just a hint for the eager fan. Location: Website of the Old Dungeness Lighthouse: See More