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Så sant! /P.

Time flies when you're having fun! ? The LAST episode of "Gessles nio i topp" is out! ? Nine Swedish hits. ? /PP Listen to or download it from here: Pic by Anders Roos

Hey, it's Sunday. Time for a ballad, don't u think? This one I totally forgot about. Can't even remember to which album we recorded it!!! Do you know? Maybe the info is in some liner notes somewhere..... However, it's not that bad... We never liked it very much for some reason that's hidden in the shadows! /P.

Roxette - Making Love To You

Sorry for the quality cause I'm still learning how to make videos.... lol This is a wonderfoul Roxette's song that touch deep in my heart.

GT40 for 40 #38 Kärleken är inte blind (Men ganska närsynt) Love isn't Blind (But Pretty Nearsighted) taken from Gyllene's sophomore album Moderna Tider, but was before that the B-side of the 16-weeks-as-#1-single "När vi två blir en." Niklas Strömstedt came up with the title of course. The song has never been performed live, which is kind of sad, since it would've kicked some serious butt. Love came/one afternoon/I was walkin'/along the city's only promenade/Old girlfriends, mistresses/came as from heaven/a parade of angels/But it was someone else/I saw there/someone I've been long keen on/I fell off my sidewalk... #gt40for40

Kärleken är inte blind (Men ganska närsynt)

GT40 for 40. This is #38 of TDR's hand-picked list of songs from Gyllene Tider's career.