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  ★ TDR Archive for November 26th, 2018

Jingle bells, jingle bells, hm hm hm hm hmmmm… ?

Ten years? It’s nothing! /P.

Happy 10th (!!! ?) birthday, “Party Crasher”! ??? Which is your top PC song that makes you counting UFO’s? ??? /PP

Listen here:

More blonde promodays from the 90’s. Italy? Spain? Switzerland? The answer my friend is blowin’ in the wind. /P.

It’s been 10 years since this little gem came out. Wow, 10?! The album that started out as Son of a Plumber II, with the title “Party Crasher, Party Pleaser.” Lots of goodies on it, a few not-so-great ones, but that’s life for you. One that’s come alive recently is “Doesn’t Make Sense” which was a bomb at the concerts this fall. Chris’s fingers bled, and Per seemed to want in on that so he cut his finger as well… Anyways: congrats, well done! (Will we ever get to hear the (awful) track “Wrecking Ball”?)

Party Crasher (CD)

Catalogue 0999-2660352 Label: Capitol Elevator Entertainment 01. Silly Really 02. The Party Pleaser 03. Stuck Here With Me 04. Sing Along 05. Gut Feeling 06. Perfect Excuse 07. Breathe Life Into Me 08. Hey, I Died and Went To Heaven 09. Kissing Is the Key 10. Thai With a Twist 11. I Didn’t Mea

Per’s 60 for 60. #48 Honung och guld (Honey and Gold). A Gyllene Tider song from 1982 and the album “Puls”. Honey and Gold, what does that even mean? It doesn’t really make sense in Swedish either, unless you listen to the lyrics. Here’s the thing: Swedish summers are famous for their long sunny days. In that sun girls easily get tanned, and their hair gets bleached – honey and gold… Sure, not all of them, but we all know that Per sometimes base his lyrics on stereotypes. Anyway, I digress. Lasse Winnerbäck played this on a TV-show citing that this was one of the songs that made him wanting to become an artist. Per saw the show and recorded a new, acoustic demo of it. Then during last year’s tour Lasse came on stage and sang this with Per on a few occasions. The lyrics are superb, literally seeping with love. Of course love that’s out of reach, as usual. Listen to the song and think about the lyrics: She was no one’s and everyone was hers/She could take whomever she wanted/I could have walked thru fire to be close/Surely she had no idea who I was/And now I’m walking down streets where I’ve wandered and longed/and she’s somewhere on our Earth/and has no idea she meant/more than I can describe in words… Have you experienced the midnight sun? #per60

Honung och guld

Per’s 60 for 60. This is #48 of TDR’s hand-picked list of songs from Per Gessle’s career.