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Some possible titles from Per Gessle's album “Small Town Talk” (based on repertory information): Far Too Close It Came Too Fast One of These Days Simple Sound Small Town Talk [with Nick Lowe] The Finest Prize There’s a Place

Marie's 60 for 60. #11 Den sjunde vågen (The Seventh Wave) We're at the sea again, or are we? Technically, the tale of the 7th wave says that when you watch the sea there are weak and strong waves and every 7th of them comes in stronger than the others. Check it out next time and tell us if it's true. This song on the other hand opens a second layer to the story and describes the seven steps of falling in love while at least from wave #5 on it gets a bit explicit if you read between the lines. Time for you to consult the online translator of your choice and judge yourself. You know you'll always find the lyrics at... #marie60

Den sjunde vågen

Marie's 60 for 60. This is #11 of TDR's hand-picked list of songs from Marie Fredriksson's career.