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Tracklist of The Per Gessle Archives Volume 1 revealed

iTunes revealed the tracklist of “Demos & Other Fun Stuff! – Vol. 1″ that will included the “The Per Gessle Archives” box-set and released digitally on Spotify on May 16th. Volume 1 will contain 16 tracks plus additional comments by Per about each song in interviews done by Sven Lindström. Volume 2 will be out […]

Good idea! /P.

roxette radio brazil

A little bit early for this information? iTunes have made volume 1 of The Per Gessle Archives available for pre-order, releasing the track listing!

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: For you out there who asked if the PG Archives box-collection is the complete thing the answer is... NO!
There are still around 300 recordings (not counting live stuff...) that are unreleased for various reasons. Next life maybe.... /P.

Hey you out there!! First Alice In Wonderland, now this! What's your favourite book? /P.
PS. No Rox-book pls....

Photos of Roxette Official
Recording Crash! Boom! Bang! (Isola di Capri)

This is Alice Liddell, the girl who inspired Lewis Carroll to write Alice In Wonderland.
Pic taken 1862.
My favourite book? /P.

The Look-stills from the Paris TV-show. Salut! /P.

Timeline Photos
Powerful #Roxette ”The Look” playback from the French archives! Lovely! :) /PP Screenshots are from the video.

The Look. Vive la France. Nice choice, RoxetteBloggers! /P.

Roxette "The look"
Le groupe de rock suédois ROXETTE interprète "The look" au Palace.

The Carnaby Street Era! /P.

Photos of Roxette Official

Ognian's nice collection. /P.

Now I'm ready for The Concert!
With Vi Marine and 7 others.

The very first video-clip we did for The Look back in 1988! /P.

Roxette - The Look (rare-early video clip)

The Royal Look in 2010. /P

Roxette - The Look (Live @ Concert For Victoria & Daniel 2010)

I normally just post nostalgic things from the 80's and 90's but this was too good not to upload as I'm a huge fan of Roxette. They were the big surprise art...

Earlybird today. Have to write more "comments" to all those songs of mine included in the two PG-books coming out in September. Remember some hilarious memories and moments that just have to be in there. /P.