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Marie Fredriksson's new album "Nu!" will be released on November 27th and she will be heading out on a long-awaited tour in February! Tickets will go on sale via Live Nation Sweden and on October 21st.

Tour dates:

19.2 Helsingborg - Helsingborgs Konserthus
21.2 Örebro - Conventum
22.2 Norrköping - Louis De Geer
28.2 Visby - Wisbystrand
2.3 Kalmar - Kalmarsalen
7.3 Malmö - Malmö Konserthus
8.3 Växjö - Växjö Konserthus
14.3 Jönköping - Jönköpings Konserthus
15.3 Göteborg - Göteborgs Konserthus
19.3 Uppsala - Uppsala Konsert och Kongress
21.3 Halmstad - Halmstad Arena
22.3 Karlstad - Karlstad CCC
4.4 Borås - Åhaga
5.4 Linköping - Linköping Konsert & Kongress
8.4 Stockholm - Cirkus
11.4 Gävle - Gävle Konserthus
12.4 Västerås - Västerås Konserthus
18.4 Luleå - Kulturens Hus
19.4 Umeå - Folkets Hus

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#27 – Yesterday, in the studio….

Marie goes on solo tour

As expected Marie goes out on a Swedish solo tour come 2014: 19.2 Helsingborg, Helsingborgs Konserthus21.2 Örebro, Conventum22.2 Norrköping, Louis de Geerhallen28.2 Visby, Wisbystrand2.3 Kalmar, Kalmarsalen7.3 Malmö, Malmö Konserthus8.3 Växjö, Växjö Konserthus14.3 Jönköping, Jönköpings Konserthus15.3 Göteborg, Göteborgs Konserthus19.3 Uppsala, Uppsala Konsert och Kongress21.3 Halmstad, Halmstad Arena22.3 Karlstad, Karlstad CCC4.4 Borås, Åhaga5.4 Linköping, Linköping Konsert & Kongress8.4 Stockholm, Cirkus11.4 Gävle, Gävle Konserthus12.4 Västerås, Västerås Konserthus18.4 Luleå, Kulturens Hus19.4 Umeå, Folkets Hus The venues appear to be all seated. Read the full story...

Marie goes on solo tour

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Trivia: Happy 20.000th birthday, Per!

Oh yes, you may look surprised but today is a special day for Per. As of today, Per Gessle, born on Jan 12, 1959 is exactly 20.000 days old/young.

Trivia: Happy 20.000th (birth)day, Per!

Oh yes, you may look surprised but today is a special day for Per. Read the full story...

Marie Fredriksson to go on first Swedish solo tour in 14 years in 2014. Tickets go on sale on 21 October at 09:00 CET. First date is Feb 19th 2014 in Helsingborg. Tickets available from:

Marie Fredrikssonbiljetter | Marie Fredriksson turné & evenemangsinformation

Sök turnédatum och konsertinformation för Marie Fredriksson. Köp Marie Fredriksson biljetter tryggt och säkert på

Marie Fredriksson Swedish tour is a fact! [DATES]

So this is finally official! Marie Fredriksson goes on the Swedish tour – the first one in 13 years (or in fact in 14 as it’s 2014 we are talking now). 19 concerts across Sweden – the same number Gyllene Tider did this summer! Tickets will cost from ca SEK 400 for disable people to […]