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Kung av sand. Leif’s Lounge, June 10, 2003.

Per was very happy after the concert.

The playlist, except that they didn’t play “Billy” since Per shredded his fingers on the guitar strings.

TDR frantically updating the site in 2003 after Per’s “secret” concert at Leif’s Lounge.

Roxette with 6 songs on the SWR1 Hitparade

Every year, German based radio station SWR1 Baden Wuerttemberg organizes a one week chart show, searching for the best songs ever. Read the full story...

[News] Roxette with 6 songs on the SWR1 Hitparade

A better version.

Roxette performing The Look in front of 45,000 yesterday.

Rox on SVT1 live tonight. 8 pm CET.

Vote for Lover x 3 on Radio Berlin! Check the box at Lover Lover Lover and then click Abschicken at the bottom of the page.

radioBERLIN 88,8 | Hey Music

Die internationale Hitparade mit Jürgen Jürgens.

Roxette backstage sing-alongs during the World Tour 2011-2012

If you find Facebook videos hard to watch and you still remember wonderful accoustic performance of “Dressed for success” among others, so this is the clip you have to see. Just relax and spend next 30 minutes at the backstage with Roxette & the might band. Done by Patrícia Peres.

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[News] “In a Wonderful Balloon” – a book about loving Roxette

“In a Wonderful Balloon” – a book about loving Roxette

UPPSALA – Maria Sörgjerd, hailing from Uppsala Sweden, got so fascinated with the Roxette fans outside of Sweden so she wrote a book about it. Read the full story...

Tomorrow it’s 24 years ago Roxette’s smash album Look Sharp! was released in their native Sweden. Two four that is.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Even if not, you will understand this anyway…

…the most enjoyable TV shopping ever! Thanks to Daniel Kühn for sharing.

New (un)official Roxette DVD released in Argentina

A new (probably unofficial) Roxette video DVD was released by Garra Media Corp company in the Argentinian market recently.It includes a Travelling picture taken by Fredrik Etoall and 13 videos – from “Soul deep” to “Milk and toast and honey”. Source: Codigo de barras: 7798114292390 Codigo de DVD: GMC9239 Artista: ROXETTE Titulo: DANGEROUS Genero: […]

Regarding the upcoming Rox dee vee dee; Per says the final audio mix is done and they’re (obviously) aiming for a Xmas release.

New fanbook about Roxette – “In a Wonderful Balloon”

Maria Sörgjerd with help of several die-hard Roxette fans has written a book called “I en underbar ballong” (Swedish for: In a Wonderful Balloon) that will be released in December 2012. Here’s the short note that can be found on the Fenomena Förlag in both English and Swedish. The publication will be released in Swedish […]

David Núñez: Los Angeles concert memories

It was a very hot day! Roxette took the stage at about 21:40. The wait for Roxette to take stage was just very late. The crowd was losing patience waiting for Roxette to take stage. The Gibson Amphitheater didn’t have an opening band, but rather a DJ playing 80s music! But most of us know […]

Roxette support the World Childhood Foundation

Roxette have recorded a 30-second ID for the World Childhood Foundation founded by Queen Silvia of Sweden. We have previously written about this campaign, but some of you might have missed it. Here’s the message: PG: When you rescue a girl at risk of abuse, you’re not only saving her but you’re also saving her […]

Brazilians’ Travelling with Roxette

Thanks to Patrícia Peres for sharing

Don’t bore us… with another compilation, dear EMI.

EMI is just a day from being sold off to a bidder that gives the biggest price. Probably it will be Universal Music or some other group with international branches. In this very meantime EMI Germany (one of those few EMI offices that actually did something positive for Roxette in the last two years) is […]

This is not optimal, but I didn’t have any other picture to work with. This is how I imagine a possible CD box with all Roxette’s singles re-released with the original cover art and with the original track-lists, including possible remixes and bonus tracks.

Oh and if you need Roxette’s 77 greatest hits…

Die ultimative Hit-Kollektion

Roxette ist das erfolgreichste Popduo aus Schweden! Auf allen Kontinenten feierten Sie riesige musikalische Erfolge! Nun gibt es alle Hits dieser einzigartigen Band auf dieser 4er CD-Hitkollektion! Diese handgemachte, ehrliche Rockmusik ist ein M … Mehr auf Shop24Direct.

Well, well, well, good morning!