U.S. “Greatest Hits” CD trivia contest winners announced

Roxette publicity photos by Caroline GreyshockNEW YORK – Over 250 readers participated in the The Daily Roxette’s trivia contest for a copy of the new U.S. Greatest Hits release from Capitol Records, along with some runner-up prizes. Here are the answers, and the names of the winners:

Given that both Per and Marie speak English rather well, it’s a little funny to learn from Caroline Greyshock that she used finger gestures to get them to cross the street on that beautiful spring day when these Look Sharp! publicity photos were taken. 86 percent got her name right.

Where did Roxette often go in New York’s East Village to buy their clothes? Well, “Broadway Boogie Woogie” is the name of a Times Square inspired painting by Piet Mondrian that is in the permanent collection at MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art) in New York City. Abercrombie & Fitch, a trendy young adult brand has its flagship store is on Fifth Avenue in Midtown.  CBGB’s is the now-closed music venue associated with punk bands like The Ramones (but you can still buy logo t-shirts). Duo is in the East Village (and Roxette is a duo), but this boutique sells vintage and local designer clothing. The correct answer, which 64 percent got right, is Trash & Vaudeville.

The story’s been around so long that almost everyone (91 percent) seemed to know that it was a radio station in Minneapolis (KDWB) to whom Dean Cushman (also 91 percent) loaned his copy of Look Sharp!

Finally, 77 percent knew that it was the music video for The Look that EMI execs in the States wanted remade, while 80 percent knew correctly that the other artists involved in the controversial McDonald’s promotion were Tina Turner, Elton John and Garth Brooks.

So who are the lucky winners of the new U.S. Greatest Hits CD, courtesy of Capitol Records?  They are Luiz Possebon (New York, USA), German Divonis (Rosario, Argentina), Dario Olivera (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Sarah Feeney (Texas, USA), and Kandice Halfacre (Tennessee, USA).

And the six bonus winners (who had to get all the trivia questions correct) are: Nicolas Cortés (Mendosa, Argentina), Blanka Pentela (Lodz, Poland), Arnaldo Suarez (Cordoba, Argentina), Thom Renström (Linköping, Sweden) and Johannes Lemm (Cologne, Germany). They each will get a gold Roxette logo pin (Charm School version) along with a TDR/Roxette lanyard and a promo card from Roxette’s previous U.S. greatest hits album!

We also asked for suggestions for future trivia contest questions, and got many great responses.  We think it’s fun to give stuff away, so you can look forward then to another such TDR contest in the near future!

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