The updated Rox Box!

The 2006 Roxette Box Set is getting a slight face lift with a new look cover and some extra songs!

As previously confirmed in our chat with Per Gessle earlier in the year, an updated 4-CD Rox Box is soon available to add to your collection. The refreshed package now features recent Charm School and Travelling songs in addition to a slightly revised back catalog.

Here’s what Per had to say about the project when The Daily Roxette spoke to him: “…Some major Warner-markets wanted this box-compilation since we’re touring a lot so we waved the green flag. We updated the box with a few recent songs as well as new comments and pics and layout. It’s a beauty. Buy two and give one to your mother…”

No DVD disc this time around.

More info here.

Missing in action are: “The Sweet Hello, the Sad Goodbye” (original version from 1990), “Better Off On Her Own,” “New World,” “Cooper” and “All I Ever Wanted” while we have “She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio),” “No One Makes It On Her Own,” “Speak to Me (Bassflow remake),” “It’s Possible” and “The Sweet Hello, the Sad Goodbye (Bassflow radio edit) added.

The full track list is below.


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January 13th, 2015

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  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    Hate to admit it, but I’m disappointed. I personally was hoping for at least a couple of demos or even alternate takes that us fans haven’t heard before.

    It could have been more inventive this time around, more than just adding on the later additions (She’s Got Nothing On, No One Makes It On Her Own, Speak To Me, It’s Possible and The Sweet Hello The Sad Goodbye). I don’t even agree with some of the additions and omissions.

    It’s a real shame, but then again I suppose we’ve been spoiled by “The Per Gessle Archives”. Now that was an AMAZING release.

    Who knows – maybe theres more releases in the works? Could we be getting “The ROXETTE Archives” and a “Roxette LIVE Boxset” ?? Time will only tell.

    I was going to purchase the new RoxBox, but having seen it I’ll be giving it a sure miss. I also thought they’d at least use some of the new photos from the recent shoot, rather than just rely on the Travelling promo photos? Maybe there are photos included we haven’t seen before? There must be something new included for us hardcore fans?

    Bring on the new album and more exciting releases!

  • Neil Curran

    A collection of roxette’s greatest songs on the cover and love spins on the track list??!! Something doesn’t sit right here. I won’t be buying.

    • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

      Didn’t think of it like that and missed the fact that this is titled “Roxette’s Greatest Songs”. Maybe Per believes Love Spins is one of the best Rox songs?

      • Adam

        Probably not Per’s choice, it was a quick Warner mass market cash in on their mega popular tours. But hey, at least Warner are keeping the price low and shipping it everywhere, so for me it’s still great for fans, just something super hard core fans who were lucky to live in a place where they original box got released and we’re able to get it can skip.

  • David Jakubowski

    These kinds of releases are always going to disappoint the hardcore fans because they’re not intended for us. Not worth buying and not worth getting upset over either. This is just standard music-industry operating procedure: sell a few CDs while the band enjoys positive press from their tour.

    • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

      Agree with you 100%. Just a shame really.

  • Fabio Deluca

    I’m glad there’s nothing new on it, so we (who already have the original Roxbox) don’t have to buy it again. I suppose this one will be released in places were the original box wasn’t available before, like the US, Canada, Australia and so on. I’m not disappointed because I hadn’t any expectations about it. I knew the target of this is not the fans, it’s just a marketing strategy by Warner/Parlophone/whoever is in charge.

  • James Crompton

    I’m kind of glad I dont have to buy another RoxBox actually just for a couple of new songs. That would be a pain in the proverbials. So thanks for not putting new songs on. I was sort of wondering whether you might be able to exchange the old Rox Box you have for the new one lol but the only tracks I haven’t got are the two Bassflow remixes when actually I prefer the original versions of those songs anyway. The only reason to buy it for me would just be for comments and memorabilia I guess and to have a complete collection of everything but yeah not really fussed.

    • Fabio Deluca

      I guess the fact they’re in a new label now had something to do with this re-release. It will be released by Warner/Parlophone instead of EMI. Also, it doesn’t cover the 1986-06 period anymore (as stated in the old one). The original box featured the Roxette story up to One Wish, making it a bit out-of-date. Now it does include a few tracks from the two latest albums and it mention the extensive 2011-2012 world tour. That’s not bad, I think.

  • Terry Dizencio

    Check out this 65 tracks megamix! “TERRY DIZENCIO pres. ROXETTE MEGAMIX”


    I will definitely buy it as I never got around to own the 1st edition the 1st time around!! With Roxette releasing so many greatest hits,it’s hard to keep up!! 1 thing I am a bit disappointed with is : CHANCES,1 of their best song ever and which should have been into the GHOST TRACK LIST isn’t included!!?? but I am glad to see that a couple of songs there which are not included in any of their albums!! That’s great news!! Love Roxette…Went to see them in LONDON a few years back and will be back this year again when they will be again touring UK!! VIVA ROXETTE:THE BEST POP BAND EVER!! Have a nice day is my favourite album from that amazing band…

    • Andréas Nordh

      Regarding Chances and the ghost track list: Chances might not have been a huge hit, but it was released as a single.
      (“Remember, this is not intended as a critical review but more of a fun trip down memory lane where we uncover some of the more obscure, overlooked Roxette songs that were never released as a single or played live and we take the chance to shine a light on these hidden tracks.”)

  • Andréas Nordh

    I’ll probably buy it, but a 4 CD-box without Cooper is definitely not a collection a Roxette’s greatest songs…

  • RobS

    Probably nice for collectors and great for new fans, but I don’t think i’ll be picking this up… or maybe I will!?. Although i’m curious to see the new liner notes and pics. No word on what format it’s coming in, i’m guessing a 4pack fold-out digipak? Which I don’t think is nowhere near as nice as the solid book style of the 2006 release.
    World tour & lots of interest – I think something like this was bound to happen.

  • Ettexor

    this is the roxbox 2006 in update version. Sound like “Roxbox 2.0”

    • Fabio Deluca

      Of course, that’s what it was intended to be from the beginning. I don’t know why some people expected a whole different tracklist or new stuff on it…

      • Ettexor

        yes, also for me!

  • sleepingsingle

    NOT COOL!!!!!!

  • Eddie García

    And where are the last two more brilliant masterpieces Roxette ever recorded (Lover, lover, lover and Excuse me, Sir…)? Hard to understand record companie’s marketing… 🙁

    • RobS

      Because clearly they weren’t big enough hits, unlike Love Spins 😛

  • SimplyMe

    Sounds like it’s been put together quickly in a rush for the concerts. Would have much prefer a super roxbox, like the last only with the addition of Charm School / Travelling / The demo’s from PG Archives for Roxette and the Live DVD of Travelling!

    • Fabio Deluca

      That would be a whole different thing, not an update of The Roxbox, as this was meant to be.

  • Vicky Read

    I’m also a little disappointed with this. I have and love the original Rox Box plus loving the PG Archives. Like Thomas’s comment, the best new offering (aside from the new Rox album) would be some live DVDs. It would be great to have a Room Service one plus the earlier ones (Look Sharp Live but in full), Live Ism and Crash Boom Bang from South Africa on DVD or Blu Ray as I only have these last 3 on VHS! Come on Per & Co, this would be fantastic 🙂

    Cannot wait for the London show in July!!!!!!

  • Tridy

    Never liked this cover actually. They could have used the XXX hits photo session, or just go with the big star without any photos then. But the one from “It’s Possible” well, well, could have at least flipped it horizontally 😛 for a change, something, I don’t know.

    There is one acoustic/live track on the whole collection (Help!, that’s the one from the Abbey Road session, right?)

    It would be interesting to know from which releases the songs were taken. Like the early songs, are they from one of the remastered releases or the original ones (I wish)?

    It’s interesting that neither the XXX nor the box contain the ‘(C) Roxette Recordings’ in text, BUT the logo of Roxette Recordings is there.

    I wonder what the price of the box would be. I might buy then or wait for a year or so for a price to drop.

    • Tridy

      Ah, indeed, (answering my own question). The songs are taken from the previous box probably, since it’s an update of the box.

  • Adam

    It’s a good price in Australia – under $25 at JB so I’m going to buy it – double albums can cost more than that.

  • Krischan76

    I did not get the idea the first time, and it seems I am none the wiser. Well, I with David Jakubowski then. We are simply not the target group.

  • David Andrew Carmon

    Fireworks still not included.

  • MuggleDude

    but i doubt it will have the added dvd the last ROXBOX had? if not… what would be the sense of getting it?

  • 80’sMusicLover

    I’m glad to have this set since ,1.Missed out on the 2006 set(wasn’t aware of it
    s release) & 2.I don’t only anything from them prior to purchasing this.

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