“Some Other Summer”: Roxette’s Brand New Song!

Per Gessle confirms new Roxette song title.

Get ready for a second wave of Summer as The Daily Roxette can officially confirm the title of a brand new upcoming Roxette song; “Some Other Summer” that will feature on the upcoming Roxette album!


Aside from Roxette’s original version of the track that will be made available on the new record, keep your eyes and ears peeled for the French DJ House Producer, Sebastien Drums, who will release his own version of the Roxette song “Some Other Summer” incorporating the original Roxette vocals but with his own remix. This version will be released as a Sebastien Drums single. Per has described the French DJ’s version as “French House Chill”.

Sebastien Drums

Stay tuned to The Daily Roxette for more on this latest and exciting development.


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August 24th, 2015

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  • Jonas Pieniniemi

    Really nice.. I think its a good way of getting that radioplay as well 🙂

  • Tridy

    The title for this Swedish summer :), like “Maybe next year”

    Good news. It will be an interesting experiment if we actually hear the remix version before the album/single version.

  • RobS

    I so like that title!

    And the whole remix of a Rox track but being credited as “ftg Roxette”.. how odd.

  • kecho

    “Some Other Summer”:… Maybe Per was inspired to write this song by “Some other dude”? 🙂

  • Michael Conrad

    Sebastien Drums’ remix version expected to be released in Germany already September the 25th 🙂 —>
    But I fear we’ll have to wait some more month till we finally get to hear the original version … :..-(

  • s1974x

    Gessle seems to love summer-inspired tunes. I wonder if this is from growing up where winter runs 10 months of the year? 🙂

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