Shirley Clamp covers “It Must Have Been Love” and “Tro”

GOTHENBURG - While Marie Fredriksson covers her favorite songs from the '60s and '70s on "Min bäste vän," Swedish singer Shirley Clamp covers her favorites from all times in her new album "Favoriter på svenska" that's due for release on May 10. Last month we reported that the album would include a cover of "It Must Have Been Love", with the Swedish title "När kärleken föds," which was just released as a single. But the album features one more song Roxette fans know very well; "Tro" by Marie Fredriksson. She wanted to record Eurythmics' "Miracle of Love" but when they contacted Annie Lennox they found out she won't have her songs translated.

  "There is a reason for each song to be on the album," says Clamp to Expressen. "I didn't have the inspiration to make a new album, then I thought about a Christmas-album, but Jill Johnson was faster, so I decided for an album with covers," she explains. "I wrote down all my favorite songs on a paper, and eleven made it to the album. One of them is Marie's 'Tro': I find no words to explain how beautiful this song is. I was asked to sing it for a funeral and it was magical," she comments.

  Clamp had her breakthrough as a candidate in the Melodifestival in 2004 with the song "Min kärlek." She will participate in this summer's RIX-FM Festival tour and guest with Peter Jöback for a couple of Robert Wells' concerts in Scandinavia.

  The new Swedish lyrics are written by Ingela "Pling" Forsman who has taken some artistic liberties and moved beyond simply trying to do a direct translation. One only needs to look at the title, which translates to English as "When Love is Born," to realize this. Forsman, 55, holds the record for having written the lyrics to the most songs entered in the Melodifestival, with no less than 26 to her credit.

Other songs included on the album are:

"Inget kan gå fel" - Patrik Isaksson

"Öppna din dörr" - Tommy Nilsson

"I en annan del av världen" - Freda

"Regn hos mig" - Orup

"Hur skör du är" ["Fragile"] - Sting

"Vingarna som bär" ["The Wind Beneath Me"] - Bette Midler

"True colour" - Cindy Lauper

"When I need you" - Leo Sayer

"Om" - Niklas Strömstedt.

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