Second single confirmed: “Some Other Summer”

Good Karma’s next single has been confirmed!

As confirmed by Per Gessle in our recent interview, the second single from Roxette’s latest album Good Karma will be “Some Other Summer”. Unlike the lead single, “It Just Happens”, “Some Other Summer” will be released as a physical single as a maxi-CD and will contain the original album version of the song, along with four remixes.

The new single will be released on the June 24, 2016. 

What are your thoughts? Is this the right choice for a second single? Let us know below!

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June 15th, 2016

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  • Rene

    Great choice…

  • Tridy

    Probably the most commercially balanced song on the album. I like the song – my #2 after “From a Distance”. Very summer-ish feeling. Midsommar time.

  • seba

    The second single should have been 20 BPM 🙂

  • Roxryder

    Good Karma should´ve been the first single. Then OK second single…. Sounds great on the radio is catchy and it´s the best song in loooong time. It was so easy to do the right thing this time so obvious for me. But then again it’s not going to happen. SOS is a nice song also but we’ll have to wait and see. Great it’s a maxi-cd at least. Hope it kills it on the clubs

  • Tridy
  • Bellenger1981 .

    Perfect second single. After a number of listens, it has become my favorite on the album.

  • s1974x

    This album version is significantly better than the remix version that was floating around here for a while.

  • DavidRox

    I’m still trying to get the CD in Canada. No music stores have it yet because of some sort of issue with Warner Music. 🙁

  • Sarah

    No need for a physical singe these days. Who is buying a physical single?? The last physical music I bought was Charm School. Single choice? Well, Good Karma would have been the better choice. However, the first single was more important and this should have been Good Karma. IJH got zero airplay and SOS won’t get played on the radio as well. Strange management. It’s a pity Roxette’s cool new music is for fans and insiders only.

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