Santiago crowd welcomes Roxette back to Chile

SANTIAGO – Roxette played the Movistar Arena here in the capital of Chile yesterday evening, and the crowd – with fans again able (unlike in Cordoba) to take advantage of a standing area if they wanted to be able to jump, dance, or be squeezed together – very happy with the performance. While not entirely sold out, there were very few empty seats. The venue has a concert capacity of 15,000, and according to a tweet from Per, there were 14,500 people there.

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It perhaps took a little longer than usual for the crowd to recognize the tune that Christoffer Lundquist played after he was introduced, as he takes delight in teasing both the audience who doesn’t know what’s coming… and the fans who do, but don´t know what the tune will be.  For Chile, where the cueca holds the status of being the national dance, he chose “El Guaton Loyola,” one of the most popular tunes.  “Of course on electric guitar it took some time for people to recognize it,” Christoffer told TDR with a laugh, “but luckily it got through at last I think!”  This guitar solo end with Christoffer coming up with a segue transition directly into “Joyride,” the next song on the set list.

The next stop on South American leg of the Charm School tour will be in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Roxette will play the Pepsi On Stage arena there on Tuesday, April 12.

Here are several videos recorded during last night´s concert.

Stars” (fancam) | “Perfect Day” (fancam) | “Sleeping in My Car” (fancam) | “Wish I Could Fly” (fancam) | “Church of Your Heart” (fancam)

Additional reporting by Roxana Bodi: A cloudy afternoon turned into a shining night when Roxette shaked the Movistar Arena at Santiago de Chile. Almost 15,000 souls made this a special venue for the duo. Sixteen years after the Crash! Boom! Bang! world tour, they finally came back for more with the 2011 Charm School “neverending” tour. After a handful of successful concerts in Uruguay and Argentina, it was Chile’s turn. Troy started the night. The attendees filled the stadium and at 9pm, Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson appeared on the stage along with the band. “Yeah, yeah, yeah…” “Dressed for Success” starts the concert and the people turn into a choir of voices willing to renew old memories and make new ones. “It’s been a long time…I see some old faces,” Per says. The Movistar Arena sound was great. Roxette played 22 of their best songs. “The Look,” “Joyride,” “Sleeping in My Car,” “Listen to Your Heart,” and many more, along with “Stars,” which was added to the setlist at the April 4th concert in Luna Park. Marie Fredriksson shone with “Watercolours in the Rain”, “Perfect Day” and her entire performance was memorable. Per Gessle was at his best too, and enjoying the songs with the band. Outside the rain marked the end of the night for some, while others went to a fan party that was held in the Movistar Arena’s lounge to celebrate the ocassion. The tour follows in Brazil with five shows starting April 12th.    

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