Roxette plays to capacity crowd of 10,000 in Córdoba, Argentina

CORDOBA – Roxette’s perfomance yesterday evening before a sold-out house full of 10,000 fans went well.  Yes, this wasn’t just an audience, these were fans who knew the words to all the songs, and when – perhaps – Marie stumbled at one point with the opening lyrics to one song, the audience just sang louder for a few seconds… Marie said “thank you,” and the the show continued without further incident. If it was a momentary memory problem, she recovered from it very well by just letting the audience sing. 

There was no general admission standing area for this concert, and all the tickets sold were for reserved seats.

As Per promised in our interview with him the other day, “Stars” appeared once again, even though the set list that was shown to the press just before the show had “Silver Blue” in that spot.

Christoffer Lundqvist, who told The Daily Roxette today that he’s really having a lot of fun coming up with a localized custom guitar solo to play just after he’s been introduced, delighted and surprised the Orfeo crowd with his rendition of “Quien Se Ha Tomado Todo el Vino” (“Who Drank All The Wine”). It’s a cuarteto song from the most popular singer in Córdoba, a man named Mona Gimenez. Christoffer started the song with such deliberately spaced-apart notes that nobody knew what he was playing. But, as he sped up the speed, the crowd recognized the homegrown song and cheered wildly while Per smiled and looked pleased with the crowd’s reaction.

“The Look” (fancam) | “How Do You Do” / “Dangerous” (fancam)

SET LIST (with some additional reporter’s notes)
1. “Dressed for Success”
2. “Sleeping In My Car”
3. “The Big L.”
4. “Wish I Could Fly”
5. “Only When I Dream”
6. “She’s Got Nothing On (But the Radio)” [Christoffer Lundquist motioned for the still mostly-seated crowd to stand up]
[In the pause between songs, the audience begins the Argentinian “O lay… o lay o lay” chant, and Marie swings her arms in the air and danced along with it]
7. “Perfect Day” [Marie’s solo on this tour]
8. “Things Will Never Be the Same” [Per is brilliant on acoustic guitar]
9. “It Must Have Been Love”
10. “Opportunity Nox”
11. “7twenty7” [towards the end, everyone gathers around Clarence Öfwerman for his keyboard solo part, then go downstage. Christoffer wails on the guitar while running from stage left to stage right]
12. “Fading Like a Flower (Every Time You Leave)”
13. “Stars” [Magnus Börjeson crosses all the way across stage to meet up with Christoffer, then returns to his normal position.  There’s a lengthy harmonized duet part in the song, and Marie warmly embraces Helena Josefsson at the end of the song]
14. “How Do You Do!” [ends with immediate seque-type transition to next song]
15. “Dangerous”
Band presentation
16. “Joyride”

17. “Watercolours in the Rain”
18. “Spending my Time”
19. “The Look”

Second Encore
20. “Way Out”
21. “Listen to Your Heart”
22. “Church of Your Heart” [Audience loves it when Per starts playing harmonica]

The tour continues on April 9 when Roxette plays the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile.

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April 8th, 2011

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