Official Press release for Roxette’s new Single and Album!

Roxette are back with a new power ballad “It Just Happens,” the lead single from their forthcoming tenth studio album Good Karma. “It Just Happens” will be released worldwide on Friday, 8th April and Good Karma will be released worldwide on Friday, 3rd June. The single and album are the first to be released under a new global deal between the band and Warner Music Group

“It Just Happens” revisits that mighty and classic Roxette sound with an updated twist in a melodically strong and musically interesting ballad with Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle seamlessly taking turns as lead singers.

Per Gessle says: “For the new record, we wanted to combine our classic Roxette sound with a modern and slightly unpredictable production to create a soundscape where you would both recognise our sound and find something new.”

The band was formed in 1986 and first shot to international success with their single “The Look,” which topped the Billboardcharts in the US in 1989.  The band went on to top the US charts three more times with “Listen To Your Heart,” “It Must Have Been Love” and “Joyride.”  They also had a string of top ten hits including “Dressed For Success,” “Dangerous,” “How Do You Do!,” “Fading Like A Flower” and “Sleeping In My Car.”

Roxette continued to enjoy commercial success and during a hiatus in the 2000s both Per Gessle and Marie Fredriksson released solo material.  The band’s last album, Travelling, was a top 10 hit in several European markets including Germany and Sweden in 2012.

Jonas Siljemark, President, Warner Music Nordics, says: “Roxette are one of the most high-profile Swedish artists of all time.  The band has even been decorated by the King of Sweden for their national and international achievements.  They have continued to develop and grow as artists and are now back with an incredible feel good song and forthcoming album that we are proud to back all the way.”

(Image below sees Rox with Marie Dimberg, along with the team at Warner Music – image taken from English press release)

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April 7th, 2016

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    Spoke today to a rep from OFFICIAL CHART in UK…to make sure to get an article from ROXETTE soon….reg their new single and album coming up on the 3rd june…I am a foreigner but even though I spelt it slowly ROXETTE, she awful and ignorant lady has no idea which band I was talking about!! Go figure…she could be 20 years old…mentioned hello….IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE from PRETTY WOMAN…she had no idea about that movie…had nothing against retarded people but come on!!
    but still checked myself their website and guess what!!!??? on their listing regarding new release for SINGLE : they mentioned ROXETTE: ITJUST HAPPENS!!!
    Amazing news!!! I am so happy even though I dealt with a mentally challenged person over the phone…
    please call them to promote ROXETTE new single on 0207 620 7450 FROM uk …ta ta!!

    • TheFanOf26Years

      Retarded because she had NOT heard about Roxette. What a nice person you are!

  • Ettexor

    new global deal = more promotion?

  • TheFanOf26Years

    Fabulous English press release, but no English subtitles on the Roxette Diaries…

    • Fabio Deluca

      Roxette Diaries features Roxette, but in strict terms is an Åkerlund film. The inclusion (or not) of English subtitles is not up to Roxette, but whoever holds the rights of the distribution of the movie. Music and film distribution work differently.

      • TheFanOf26Years

        It is a real shame people were misled to believe it had subtitles. Per even shared a link saying Amazon UK had it with English subtitles, I downloaded it but it does not have subtitles!

        • Krischan76

          Is it possible that you guys got this wrong? My copy has English subtitles.

          • TheFanOf26Years

            I believe a limited number where produced with English subtitles, but I don’t have that version.

  • bandquitter

    What is b-side of IJH single?

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