Per chats in København

COPENHAGEN – Chat transcript from Jubii. While the questions have been translated from Swedish and Danish, Per’s replies are in his original English.

  Per: good afternoon!

Guest 32 asks: Gessle, is it correct that a new Roxette album will be released in 2004?

  Per: Well, we don’t know do we? It might happen!

Havstrym 75 asks: Hello Per, how is Marie?

  Per: Hello there. She’s much much much better now. She’s busy writing songs and dancing

Guest 12 asks: Will there be a GT-tour next summer? (have to plan my vacation anyway =)/ love you!

  Per: Good thinking! There just might be a tour next year, yes. It all depends on whether we can get Micke Syd to lose 10 kilos.

Guest 47 asks: What is your favorite acoustic guitar?

  Per: I have several but I bought a Martin from 1968 the other month and it’s kicking azz

Casper . Foldager asks: Is it really Per Gessle live?

  Per: It’s really me. You have to trust the media.

Casper.Foldager asks: What is your favorite song (roxette and others)

 Per: Rox: I’m sorry is quite good. Others: The only living boy in New York by Simon & Garfunkel is always in my car.

TheDeadAnge2003 asks: Hey Per, Roxette are really fat! When will release Roxette the next album?

 Per: We don’t know. It takes a bit of time to get things/songs together as you might know.

Gæst-418 asks: Hej Per…Chrissie from Germany here..I just wonder how many Ferraris you own in the moment

 Per: Just two.

Rowdy asks: What means roxette?

 Per: Roxette is a girl’s name. Per isn’t.

SoverReign asks: is it true that popmusic has made Per Gessle one of the richest men of Sweden?

 Per: No, unfortunately not.

Gæst-12 asks: Hej Per! Will Little Miss Sorrow be the next single?

 Per: Don’t know. I don’t think so.

Gæst-44 asks: Read on TDR that you said on a Norwegian tv that there will be released a new Roxette-album next year. Is that true?

 Per: No, it’s not true.

Gæst-47 asks: I know that you are very interested in cars, so I would like to ask if you have a Volvo or maybe a Saab.

 Per: No, but I have a goldfish called Rolf.

Gæst-143 asks: What do you do in your sparetime?

 Per: Anything you can think of that includes a goldfish.

Jinta91 asks: when is your birthday?

 Per: Jan 12

GTiG asks : Hej Per! Everything ok, today?

 Per: Thanks. I’m doing fine. How are you?

Gæst-47 asks: Which Roxette-video is the best, do you think?

 Per: Tuff one! I think Center of the heart is quite nice. And CBB!

Gæst-44 asks: When is your solo album out?

 Per: What solo album?

Mousimus asks: What do you at the moment? It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from you :o)

 Per: It takes a lot of time and energy to own a goldfish.

Gæst-44 asks: Why aren’t you on Swedish Tv…you should be a guest of Luuk or Söndagsöppet, I think =)

 Per: Yes, you’re right. I will improve!

vero_moda_girl asks:Hi….what is the best thing about being famous?

 Per: It’s fine. You get free drinks.

Gæst-42 asks: Hej Per! Greetings from sunny Hungary! How are You?

 Per: Sounds like a Vodafone ad.

Sweetdreamboy asks: What do you think about the war in Iraq?

 Per: It feels a bit unnecessary, don’t you think?

Gæst-41 asks: Hej Per! I wonder: do you and Marie consult each other about clothing because you are so many times officially in public. Have you ever comments on each others clothes! All the best! L

 Per: Hello number 41! Yes, it has happened that we’s ve gone shopping together. But not since the 80’s.

Tanja8210 asks: what is the best thing about singing?

 Per: You can easily avoid drumming.

Mette…. asks: Hej!! How old were you when you were in bed with a girl for the first time?

 Per: 43

Zuper-Babe-13 asks: How old were you when you started to play?

 Per: 17

Gæst-44 asks: Hej Per!! Just want to say that I love your music

 Per: Thanks, dear.

Gæst-44 asks: Hejsan PG!! I read that you were going to buy an Enzo, is that true or just a rumor?

 Per: Rumors. I won’t buy one. They are too expensive.

GangstaPuffy asks: Who is your biggest inspiration?

 Per: Rolf, the goldfsih.

Mezh asks: Has your succes been hard on your personal and love life ?

 Per: No, I’ve had a great time. What do you mean exactly with “love life”?

solsikke60 asks: hej Per – super to greet you. Will there be something new with G – concerts or something?

 Per: There might, just might, be a tour in 2004. We will decide later this year. It all depends on if we can get Goran FRitzson to lose 12 kilos.

dj-miki asks: What have you done today?

 Per: Woke up, fed Rolf, went to the airport, did a couple of interviews. lunch, more interviews, chatting with you guys, airport, Stockholm, toothbrush. Good Night!

Gæst-325 asks: when started Roxette?

 Per: 1986

yoj asks: Is it true that you write all the Roxette songs?

 Per: Well, most of them. The ones that my mother likes.

Q-bix asks: Who wrote “it most have been love” ?

 Per: It was me! It was me!

Gæst-187 asks: Chrissie and Sandra are asking: what was the nicest present you ever got from a fan?

 Per: I’m still waiting….

Gæst-1100 asks: Hejsan, how is it like to be worldfamous?

 Per: Great.

pilotx asks: How is it to perform?

 Per: It feels wonderful. i think that what it’s all about, to communicate.

Havstreym75 asks: When will you perform in Denmark again?

 Per: I don’t know. If there will be a GT-tour next year we just might come by to perform here. Are you coming?

Gæst-17 asks: i? m Diana from Peru. I know that i love roxette, i love Per and Marie. roxette IS MY LIFE..

 Per: Hi Diana, nice to hear from you!

smukpige_16 asks: Is it true that Marie has cancer?

 Per: Well, she had a surgery last september but she’s much much better now.

Gæst-192 asks: Malouie would like to know when Per’s new soloablum will be released?

 Per: There might be a Swedish album coming out eventually. I can’t make up my mind.

Gæst-1106 asks: Per, Do you like Michael Jacksons music?

 Per: Not really, no. Does he like my goldfish?

misss_lover_girl asks: what music listens Per himself to?

 Per: I listen to quite a lot of things; Norah Jones, John Coltrane, REM, Bob Hund and Tom Petty of course

Gæst-195 asks: You are no 1 on SWR3 in Stuttgart? When are you coming to Stuttgart?

 Per: I might come by later this year when Mercedes is presenting the new SLR.

Gæst-1110 asks: could you imagine that roxette in futrure would together with super producer Max Martin

 Per: I don’t know. Max is a good guy, very talented. But… I don’t know.

Gæst-1120 asks: Per, do you like the idea of downloading rare Roxette songs and videos from the internet? Cheers: RoxBytes :-))))

 Per: Well, if they are REALLY rare it’s OK, otherwise I think it’s better for the world and the music industry if people who likes music buys records instead.

Gæst-1110 asks: What is your alltime favorite beatles song

 Per: Dear Prudence followed by Cry baby cry

Gæst-188 asks: What will be the next album, roxette, Gyllene tider, you or marie?

 Per: I don’t know at this very moment but my wild guess is that it won’t be Gyllene Tider Unplugged In Spanish.

Gæst-195 asks: Why do you hate German TV shows?

 Per: What? I don’t! I love German TV-shows. And so does Rolf.

Gæst-1106 asks: Per , Do you have a video game machine at home like an Xbox or Playstation 2?

 Per: Well, my son has got all of them expet the Xbox. He’s becoming an addict.

Gæst-195 asks: Can you imagine to write a song with Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson

 Per: Could be fun. They are good friends but I don’t think we will work together. We might hang out in the bar instead.

Jubii: thanx to everyone!

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