Kärleken till livet – Marie’s bio out in October

Kärleken till livet – The Love for Life – about Marie Fredriksson, written by Helena Von Zweigbergk, will be released October 14 as a physical hardcover book, audio book and ebook.


“I just want to say it how it is. No fuss. Just plain and simple, they way it has been.” That’s how Marie presented her book suggestion to Helena.

Marie’s life has been full of drama. A poor childhood in Skåne’s farmland. A family struck by grief when one of her sisters died in a car accident. The breakthrough in Sweden and later all over the world with Roxette.

And then the disaster. The brain tumor which sentenced her to death.

Marked by her disease she’s on stage today. At the moment she’s on a world tour with Roxette again.

In the book Marie and her closest ones talk about great love, sorrow, amazing success and a comeback to life against all odds – due to her love for life. The book is 330 pages and the audio book is read by the author herself.

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Thomas Evensson

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May 22nd, 2015

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  • Corina

    Sorry to hear you have health problems! Hope you’ll be fine soon! You’re a great woman and I love to hear your music! God bless you! <3

  • Norm McLean

    You are so beautiful. I’m saddened to hear you are not well. You have thrilled me for years.

  • Uhima

    Marie could be a role model for anyone, and she really is. She inspires us to be better people, to stand strong, to believe in ourselves. She a great woman of immense talent. I love you so much Marie, can’t wait to read the book.

  • Elenka Straková

    I´m gonna have one! deffinitelly-. I love her… for sooo many years…

  • silvia bräutigam

    ich bin so glücklich das marie fredriksson wieder besser geht heute und auf die große bühne ist und vor viele menschen singt finde es super und mache weiter schöne songs hab dich so lieb.

  • César Dsto

    Marie is a real “pretty woman”. She is an example for all us. Congratulations for your force. I’m your admirer.

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