“It Just Happens”: First Single Confirmed

The brand new Roxette single is coming!

UPDATE – Since the article was published – the artwork for “It Just Happens” has been leaked online. A release date of the 8th of April is being touted. Stay tuned… (Information supplied by RoxetteCafe)


Official confirmation from the Roxette camp has just arrived. The title of the much anticipated lead single from Roxette’s forthcoming new studio album is called “It Just Happens”.

Described as a classic Power Ballad sung by Marie, the vocals were recorded at Marie’s home studio and the video for “It Just Happens” is being filmed today.

As for a release date or snippet? Well, as always, soon!



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April 1st, 2016

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  • URCogProf

    YES! I love this title, thought it was great the first time it was mentioned in that excerpt from Marie’s book. Big power ballads tend to stick with people a little longer over time than the pop tunes… maybe there will be a tie-in with a movie or something for a bit of extra exposure. Time will tell. Very exciting!!!

  • Daniela

    Power ballad! Oh yes! I hope the video will get more attention than the one of It’s Possible which was more or less ignored…
    Some old Joyride memories are already coming up, the excitement of getting to hear some new Roxette titles before the album was released while Marie and Per were in my favourite radio programme for one hour some incredible 25 years ago after I came home from school… It was springtime as well!

  • I can’t explain how happy I am to read this.
    The lead single sung by Marie? The last one was released 15 years ago. And now we’ll have a powerful ballad!
    Things can’t be better than that.

    • Ettexor

      yes, it’s fantastic!

  • Ettexor

    great news! i think a power ballad will be perfect for spring/summer time! can’t wait for the new single and album 🙂 roxette are back!


    Great song…of course, it’s Roxette…but can we do something for that amazing song to get more attention in UK???!! Don’t make another example of their last 2 albums flopping IN UK!! they deserve more attention but don’t give them any publicity!! Useless website!! HELP ME DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT please!!

    • Ettexor

      also here in italy, plese!


    WAY OUT: 1 of their ever best single was already ignored in UK!! come on please…ROXETTE is my favourite band ever but this single was totally ignored””” why??
    if were doing its job properly, ROXETTE should have get more ad regarding their last 2 albums and singles!!! I love WAY OUT, 1 of my top 5 favourite singles from ROXETTE ever!! let’s hope this time their new single IT JUST HAPPENS will get thru BBC2 RADIO and get a physical release!!!
    not fair!! ROXETTE is so good….30 years on since their 1st release!! and still up to date!! hello!!

    • RobS

      If you’re not young, current, controversial and/or dancing around provocatively in your underwear, then they don’t care about promoting you. They aren’t going to get much promo apart from a few minor things – a few spots on a blog, and maybe some radio stuff like on BBC like what happened with Charm School(?). Let’s just be happy they’re still making music.

      Love the title!

  • Eduardo Fernandes

    I don’t think that a ballad is a bad choice. In fact, for me it’s the best! Marie’s voice is awesome, it’s the trademark of Roxette. I don’t know if it will do well in the charts, but I’m not worried about it. Roxette already topped all the charts, they don’t need it anymore. However, I got a feeling that “It Just Happens” will have a massive airplay in Europe. I just cannot wait anymore. I cannot. I’m almost sick! haha

  • Krischan76

    About that snippet…

  • Ettexor

    snippet please!!

  • Markus Behrens

    No intention of bitterly complaining here – but isn’t it kinda strange releasing a big ballad now that the sun finally begins to make it’s rounds?

    • Ettexor

      a powered ballad not ballad!

      • Markus Behrens

        not a big difference at all (yet) – Ettexor can you please point out what your expectations are when it comes to the song?

        • Ettexor

          I believe there is much difference …. in this sense: Crash! boom! bang !, anyone, listen to your heart, are all ballads; fading like a flower, for instance, is a power ballad … I expect then a single in FLAF style;)

          • Markus Behrens

            Ok. totally admit that this could indeed work 🙂 Have a great one!

  • silviabräutigam

    I like Marie Fredriksson’s my best I love you Marie Fredriksson

  • Bernie Fok

    So happy to hear this!! 🙂 Such great news that Roxette are bringing back the Power Ballads into this world! Since it’s described as a “Classic Power Ballad”, I’m imagining a song in the similar style as “Fading Like A Flower”, “Listen To Your Heart” and “Crash! Boom! Bang!”. Even if it’s a more modernized power ballad, I’m sure it will be still powerful and refreshing. I’ve been waiting for another classic Marie vocal-driven power ballad for a looong time!! Thank you P & M! 🙂


    To all fans of ROXETTE and to celebrate their new single coming out soon…1 of their best…I will be handling a small “ceremony” with questions and quiz///etc…in my area , Strood, Kent, UK on Saturday the 9th april…it will be an afternoon to talk about ROXETTE with some games ie q&a…etc…feel free to reply if you are interested…Thierry…


    Love it as mentioned times before but here are my top 5 singles from my favourite band:
    1.STARS: Very underrated song!
    2. SALVATION : Just love it….a pity it never charted well….the video is just perfection…HAND being my favourite album from Roxette…close to LOOK SHARP
    3.WAY OUT: another single which only charted in Germany at no 64…what a shame….One of their best ever single
    4. DANGEROUS….I am sure every fan will make that amazing single into their TOP 5??
    5. LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: I do listen to that song at least once a week…magical…..
    So any fans want to give their TOP 5 Singles??

  • Chris

    It will be interesting what a power ballad by roxette will sound in 2016. The last power ballad they did was almost unreal. I’m not sure if they can do a song in that style again. I’m expecting more a song like Salvation.

    The cover is nice. Maybe the butterfly will be something we will find on the record/next singles again. Like the stars in the 90s rox records. I kinda like that.

  • Thomas

    EXCITING – can’t wait to hear and buy this!

    I was hoping for some great new photoshoot shots however. Shame not to see P&M on the cover. Not too keen on the design. Hope the song better!

  • URCogProf

    Maybe it’s due to mellowing out in my rapidly-advancing age, but I really don’t see what’s so horrible about this cover. The colours are pretty and soothing, the butterfly symbolizes emergence from a long dormancy, breaking out into something beautiful and a little surprising. Hopefully like the song itself. I like how I notice a different part of it first each time – sometimes the guitar, sometimes the waves, sometimes the sunset. I like it. And for those who don’t, maybe it’ll turn out to be a promo single sleeve, like the “Room Service” singles that used a simple shield design. Who knows. One week to go! BRING IT ON!

  • silviabräutigam

    It is a new single out a Cd of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle sounds good only on June 3rd is indeed quite a while yet out. I hope that also in deuschland release the Cd of Marie and Per I wirt.hoffe I can buy the CD.

  • Tridy

    7th of April on my calendar. The release date for the single is tomorrow, and none of the online stores have a sign of a physical (Single/Maxi/Vinyl) release. Do we have any news if there is going to be a physical release or will it be just digital this time?

  • Tridy
  • Tridy
    • Tridy

      I took a chance and got one off eBay. Got it today and naturally, it’s a CDr on a low quality paper and even a cut-off sentence on the sticker.

      Here is a picture of it before I send it back for a 60 GBP CDR rip-offf:

      From what I have seen so far there have been no factory-pressed promo discs of “It Just Happens.” The same goes about “Roxette‎–The Sweet Hello, The Sad Goodbye (Bassflow Remake)”.

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