Back in the Wild East


VLADIVOSTOK – We’ve reached Per backstage after the opening show in Vladivostok, Russia.

How was it being back on stage with Rox again?
– Splendido. Felt like Mexico City 2012 was just two weeks ago. This band is tighter than Uncle Scrooge.

So everything went as planned then?
– A few hiccups with the lights and some acoustic guitar glappkontakt [loose contact]. Otherwise, ten out of ten. Probably the best opening show we ever did.

You sound delighted! What was best/worst?
– Great setlist which is not that easy to achieve since we’re so used to the old one. The new songs felt cool. Superb response for “Queen of Rain” and “Real Sugar.” Otherwise a typical Roxette bonanza in the Wild East.

Being waaaay out in Siberia, did the crowd behave?
– Yes they did. They were truly great. Some were dressed up for the occasion, others were singing louder than Magnus.

Magnus sings?? Were there any songs that felt extra great/bad?
– Some of my ballads went slightly fast due to the fact that I’ve been running like a madman on the previous uptempo songs. My pulse was hitting the ceiling…

What did Marie think about the premiere?
– Very happy. She was soooo good. If she sings like this on show #1 how will she sound down the road??? The sky’s the limit!

And I have to ask, was Pelle on time?
– No. He was reading alternative warfare and almost missed it all.

With that Per has to run, there’s opening show champagne for the band and he’s the one who has to perform the sabrage…

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October 29th, 2014

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