“Wish I Could Fly” video tells about nightlife

The video for Roxette’s new single, “Wish I Could Fly” was shot in a luxury apartment on Strandvägen, Stockholm. The apartment is not owned by Per as I said before. However, Per’s huge apartment is very near on the same street. The apartment where the video was shot is owned by a private person and it was totally renovated for the video.

“It is a stirring, a bit of mystic, dramatic and sensual video. That’s what Jonas is very good at”, says Marie on Expressen. The video tells about nightlife. One of scenes is Marie waking up in the middle of the night and going to kitchen to have a glass of milk.

The video is directed by Jonas Åkerlund, famous for Madonna’s “Ray Of Light” and Cardigans’ “My Favorite Game”. Many of his videos have been censored on MTV, Per’s “Kix” being one of those. “I hope we aren’t censored this time”, says Per. Jonas promises that “Wish I Could Fly” won’t be censored, but “that’s what I always say” adds Jonas.

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December 19th, 1998

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