Tour concludes with Summer extension plans under discussion

HALMSTAD - Per posted this entry to his "diary" on the Roxette site today, and as it is rather noteworthy, we reprint it here [with Editor's Notes appearing in brackets]:

Dear all of you:

  So now the "Room Service Tour 2001" finally has come to an end. It was with mixed feelings that we left the stage after “Church of your Heart” at Scandinavium in Gothenburg last weekend. The tour has been soooo cool, soooo good that even Mr. Alsing considers it to be his best on-ze-road-experience since he parted with The Idols (Swedish inside joke!!). Anyway, thanks for making this such a beautiful trip.

  It was, as expected, great to finish the tour in Sweden. Both the Karlstad show and the Globe Show in Stockholm were great but the real killer came in Gothenburg this time. I don’t know what it is, but it’s always really special to play on the West coast. All three shows were sold out early on so we felt very honored by our fans in our home country.

  Rumor [a probable reference to a story in The Daily Roxette that was based on statements made during the Helsinki press conference] has it that there is a summer tour in the can. I can only say that we’re thinking about it. We’re even talking about it. We’ll have some meetings very soon to make up our minds. There are other extremely interesting plans as well for next year (which I won’t go into here and now) [see the same TDR article] but an extension of the tour is definitely worth discussing.

  So, there you are! I’ll finish off with a quick thank you to all the hardcore fans out there, our management in The Old Town, our record companies all over Europe, the tour agents here and there, the hardest working band on the bus and, last but not least, our unbelievable crew. Without them, nothing would work at all. Hope to see you very soon again. Have a great Christmas y’all.

P. November 22, 2001
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November 22nd, 2001

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