The Per Gessle Selection grows

The Daily Roxette has reached Per, who is busy in the studio and isn’t really on par regarding his new wines. “I’m mastering the album and things are a bit diffuse at the moment… but yes The Per Gessle Selection musters up its courage again!” What he can tell us is that there will be two new selections released in April May. There will be a new summery white wine as well as a rose wine, aptly named Sommartider vitt and Sommartider rosé. “Both wines are quality wines from François Lurton in PG-designed 3 liter Bag-in-boxes.” As far as Per recollects the bottles will only be available at restaurants, and possibly even only Hotel Tylösand’s restaurant. The b-i-b will be available in Sweden’s governmental liquor stores Systembolaget.

Update: Bottled Sommartider will be available for restaurants from March 25 while bag-in-boxed Sommartider will be in Sweden a week later and will go on sale April 2, in the beställningssortiment, i.e. you need to order it to the store. And to add to the general party feeling, the chords and lyrics of “Sommartider” are included on the box!

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March 11th, 2013

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