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The Daily Roxette recently had chance to catch up with Mim Grey, Roxette’s support act for the 3 UK dates. Read on to find out a little bit more about Mim, and how she got involved in this part of Roxette’s amazing comeback.

TDR: Hi Mim, how are you?
Mim: I am very well, thank you.

TDR: Tell us, how did you get involved with Roxette and how did you end up being their UK Support Act?
M: My manager was approached by the Head of Live Nation after he heard my album ‘Chasing Tigers’ and he wanted to know if I would be interested in supporting them on their UK Arena dates.

TDR: Would you class yourself as a Roxette fan?
M: I love Roxette…  I am an 80’s kid so they were an influence in my life growing up and Its great to be supporting them.

TDR: I must admit, I was impressed about the amount of big names that you have worked with – Paul McCartney and Kylie to name just two.  How did that come about?
M: I had just done a video and song with Mantronix & he had written a song for Kylie but couldn’t quite nail the chorus so I was brought in to re write it and also ghost a few tracks on the album. Very differently, Paul McCartney had heard my vocals with a band and then tracked me down to sing at two of his private parties.

TDR: You’ve got a new album and single out yourself soon.  Tell us all about that!
M:  Yes,  the new album is called ‘Chasing Tigers’ and the single is called Mr Big Man which is a little sarcastic nod in the direction of the X Factor & other talent shows.  Grey Matters was the first album recorded in LA, Chasing Tigers was done where I live in Buckinghamshire and is fresh and funny and romantic and sad all at the same time…..I’m very pleased with it.

TDR: Im sure many of our readers will be new to your music.  What is your style?
M:  Hmmm.. Someone described it as ‘Soul infused Country’ which I thought was pretty much where I want to be given all my influences, though i feel ‘Amerciana’ sums it up best.  If you blend Sheryl Crow with James Taylor and Norah Jones then thats a good start.

TDR: Who would you class as major influences on your music?
M:  I grew up with two brothers and two sisters all older than me so I listened to everything from The Doors to Earth Wind & Fire. Amongst those however, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell had the most profound effect on me

TDR:  Joni Mitchell is a big favourite of both Per & Marie’s! When and where can people buy your new material? Is it already available on iTunes?
M:  Grey Matters is on iTunes, Chasing Tigers is available to Pre Order on Amazon etc and Mr Big Man the single is download only now!

TDR: You mentioned earlier that you were involved with Mantronix. 
M: Yes, I sang Kurtis’s hit song “How Did You Know’ a few years ago.  Loved it and had an amazing time touring the song and the follow up track all over the world.

TDR: Are you looking forward to playing to 1000’s of people at these big venues?
M: Who wouldn’t be? It’s fantastic!

TDR: It’s going to be great to play your music to so many people and have that exposure!
M: Absolutely! I think its the kind of music that appeals to everyone.

TDR: What has been the highlight of your career so far?
M: Definitely singing with Sir Paul McCartney on stage together

TDR: So, come on.  Tell us: Per or Marie?
M: Ha Ha…. both…….!!

TDR: Your favourite Roxette song?
M: Listen To Your Heart and I also love Wish I Could Fly

TDR: Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. Much appreciated!!
M: My pleasure

TDR: Enjoy the shows!
M: I’m sure I will and lots more to come!!

TDR: We’ll look out for it, and Good Luck! 

Follow Mim on Twitter – @mimgrey

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