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Roxette was on Sen kväll med Luuk show on December 22. The show’s own site features a short introduction to Roxette’s interview. Here are some parts of it translated into English:

Roxette consists of a boy and a girl.
[The boy] is 39 years old and describes himself as “the oldest teenager in the country”. If he wouldn’t have become a pop star, he thinks he would have become a interior designer. Once when he had a birthday he got 700 birthday cards on the same day. […] When he was young he used to ponder a lot and write poems and song lyrics about death and religion. He can neither read or write notes and he is very interested in design and art.
The girl is 40 years old and as a teenager she wanted to become an actress. These dreams faded away for the benefit of music […]. She’s the youngest of five children and has a daughter (their son, Oscar Mikael, is not mentioned! – Visa) with his man who she met in fall 1991. If she’s asked to give an advice, she says: “Stand up and think for a while, take a chance on everything that’s free in life. There is luck. [It’s] not in career or in money.”
Together they are Roxette.
On the TV show they tell e.g. about their collection of musical instruments and about Spain where they recorded most of the new material.

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