Publisher looking for advertisers to discography book

Premium Publishing, the publisher of the forthcoming discography book by Robert Thorselius, "The Look for Roxette", is looking for advertisers to the book. In their letter they say "'The Look for Roxette' contains an advert section in which you are invited to promote your business. Due to the book's unique content it will be an instant bestseller among all Roxette collectors and fans." Contact Premium Publishing right away, if you're interested!

The discography contains all the solo releases by Per and Marie, all the releases of groups they have been members in, as well as all the world wide releases by Roxette. In the price guide section every release has been given a value in a scale from 1 to 10 depending how hard it is to find each item. The book will be out next month and it will be bound in a "beautiful laminated G5 size cover". The book contains approximately 300 pages.

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August 25th, 1999

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