Per’s way to the top of the world

The first article of Aftonbladet’s series tells about Per’s childhood, school and earlier bands.

Per was the youngest of three children and that’s why he was a bit sissy. He liked to read, paint and – most important – listen to the music. Aftobladet tells about his first album, Kinks’ “Kontroversy” which he bought from his brother and which is still in his record collection. Per also used to read all the American and English music charts very carefully.

Aftonbladet writes about his poor success in school. Per got a 1 (the worst grade) in maths, but “little did he know that he would ‘get a 1’ in the USA”. The only subject he was really good at was music. It wasn’t a surprise he started his own band, first called Grape Rock, but soon the name was changed to Gyllene Tider.

Per met Marie first time in the early 80’s. Gyllene Tider and Marie’s band Strul shared a rehearsal room. “First time I saw Per I thought he looked unbeliavably stylish. I had a little doubt, though. We were more like hippies and he was an elegant and well-raised young man. […] After all we became quite a good friends”, Marie tells on Aftonbladet.

Then the article tells about Åsa Nordin, the woman who Per was to marry and about their son Gabriel Titus who was born in 1997. After Gyllene Tider had split up in 1985 (the article says 1983…) Per wasn’t really remembered anymore. However, in 1986 a duet with Marie Fredriksson brought him back to the spotlights. “Neverending Love” became a massive hit in Sweden. But for the international success they had to wait until 1989 and for the album “Look Sharp!”.

“After all this he hasn’t really changed much. He is still the same boy, only spoiled with millions. One gets so much stuff and money and the habits change”, says Rolf Nygren, ex-managing director of EMI Svenska. He believes in Roxette’s future. “Per won’t ever give up, it’s not his style.”

Tomorrow Aftonbladet is going to inspect Gessle’s million imperium.

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January 9th, 1999

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