Per wants to get an own casino

Per Gessle may soon become the owner of the first international casino in Sweden. The casino would be located in Hotel Tylösand which is partly owned by Per. In the application for a casino the hotel manager emphasizes Per's "unique contacts around the world" and ability to bring world-famous artists and entertainment to the casino. The application has been made in associaton with the city of Halmstad.

The Swedish government will decide in autumn who gets the permission for a casino. So far 20 cities, the civil aviation administration LFV and a couple of private companies has sent applications.

Update: The other co-owner of the hotel is the former TV4 manager Björn Nordstrand. Both Per and Björn has so far invested 60 million SEK (7.4 million USD) in the hotel. According to Nordstrand, the casino would profit at least 43.8 million SEK per year.

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July 19th, 1999

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