Per releases remix album of “Mazarin” songs

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STOCKHOLM (UPDATED) – Per has said earlier that he’s working on a new album and now he has revealed parts of the new material. It comes as a big surprise that, instead of writing totally new songs, he has been remixing and translating the songs from his Swedish “Mazarin” album which was a huge success in Sweden in the summer of 2003.

  “I’m trying to reach wider audiences and why not use the songs that have been tested to have hit potential,” Per said to reporters in a Stockholm hotel. “This album is also a homage to ‘Dance Passion’. I always loved it, but it was so underrated.”

  There’s more in common with “Dance Passion” than just the fact that it’s a remix album. Per asked the same guys who worked on the “Dance Passion” tracks to remix some of the “Mazarin” songs. “Tycker om när du tar på mej” (or “I Will Love You Forever” as it will be called) by René Hedemyr will make it onto the album. In fact, Per had plenty of remixes to choose from. “There must have been at least five different versions of every song. Only one of each were chosen for the album. Fans will love the extra material on the singles we release,” Per said laughing.

  Capitol has released an advance listening sampler CD with seven tracks (CDPRO 5110). The retail version will contain all 14 tracks from the original “Mazarin” album. Here’s the track listing on the sampler CD:

  1. I’m Gonna Give You All I Can (But You Really Must Wait) (C&C remix) (Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång))
  2. I Will Love You Forever (René’s 7″ Mix) (Tycker om när du tar på mej)
  3. We Will Be Again (Almighty 2005 Mix) (Smakar på ett regn)
  4. Strolling Through the Town (Nordin Trance Mix) (På promenad genom stan)
  5. Rockin’ (Slusnik Luna Vocal Anthem) (Gungar)
  6. It’s My Day (Stonebridge Dub) (Födelsedag)
  7. Disco Ball (Jimmy’s Guitar Mix) (Spegelboll)

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