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STOCKHOLM - A lot is happening around Per Gessle this time, with two new releases just last Friday. We were surprised by the release of a song called "You Don’t Want Love" by ‘Finnish producer Heikki L feat. Per Gessle’. The song is a dance record, something that sounds like it belongs in Europe’s charts but at the same time is nothing like what we’ve ever heard Per do before. On top of that, the second installment of the Per Gessle Archives was released on Spotify today. iTunes release in June. The Daily Roxette managed to get hold of the man himself for a short interview about these releases and things to come.

Last Friday, "You Don’t Want Love" by Finnish producer/DJ Heikki L was released exclusively on Spotify, over the weekend. The song sounds very fresh and seems to fit perfectly in today’s charts, but it’s very different from from we’ve heard from you recently. Could you share something with us how this collaboration came to be?

I know Patric Sarin a bit from way back. He sent me his and Heikki’s demo and asked if I wanted to sing on the real recording. I liked the song and the style a lot so I said YES!

Do you often get similar requests to collaborate with other artists?

Well, it depends on what you mean. I get loads of request to co-write but not to be the lead singer.

I can imagine! So how does it feel to do vocals on a producer's song?

It was great, I did the vocals with Christoffer at AGM so I could basically do what I wanted. I changed the key from the original demo and did my best to make the song happen.

Interesting, it’s almost like ‘working from home’! So how do you like the response so far?

People seem to enjoy it. It’s nice. I think it’s got great potential.

I agree, it sounds fresh! Will we see more collaborations with producers or DJs in the future? We’ve read you’ve been spending an awful lot of time at airports lately so could this be just the beginning of something bigger?

Yes, I’m sure it will happen. I like some of the current EDM that’s out there. I like the sound and some productions can be very cool. But it has to be a good song to begin with.

Sounds good! And of course the big questions for fans and collectors: will it be released on vinyl?

Oh, I don’t know. Hope so.

The Per Gessle Archives Volume 2 was released on on Spotify as well, another splendid release and very interesting for fans, how do you like their response to the the released volumes?

Oh, I’m very flattered. It’s just demos, not the real thing so it’s work-in-progress, you have to remember that. But it’s very nice people pay so much attention to it. All in all, it’s a massive box with around 180 songs. And I still got a couple of hundred demos that’s left outside!

So this is just the tip of the iceberg! I wonder what kind of reactions you get from your peers about this release? It's not common to get such a personal insight into songwriting.

Haven’t heard that much so far. But it’s very few writers/artists in the world who can do this thing. I know that and that’s one of the reasons it’s being done.

And fans are very grateful for it. You mentioned on social media that you just added another song to volume 4, how are the future volumes getting along? Are you having fun selecting demos?

Oh yea! It’s complicated though. There are so many demos! Especially from the ‘80s that I forgot about. D&OFS, vol 3 & 4 are around 70 min long each!!

Did you rediscover songs during the digging into the archives that you now want to record on future Roxette/solo/Gyllene albums?

I have a few that I kept to myself, yes.

Interesting, we can’t wait, of course! So can we expect more surprise releases in the near future?

Yes. More than you think...

Please let us know in advance. By the way, it's almost summer, any plans you can share?

Right now I’m working on new material for Rox. We’ll hit the studio late August, early September I hope.

In a recent Australian interview you mentioned this, any other plans besides writing and recording? I can't imagine you won't be on stage this entire summer?

Nothing more to reveal, really. Writing all summer long and will pick the best ones for Rox.

Well, good luck and have fun! Enjoy the summer and thanks for taking the time to answers these questions!

You will find "You Don't Want Love" on iTunes from today.

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