Per Gessle Collaborates with Nick Lowe

“Musical Hero” joins Per on his upcoming “Small Town Talk” album.

Legendary UK singer-songwriter and producer Nick Lowe will feature on Per Gessle’s upcoming solo album “Small Town Talk”, replacing Lars Winnerbäck for the English version of the song “Småstadprat”.

In an interview with veteran music journalist Fred Bronson for, Per explained that “…Nick is one of my all-time musical heroes… I sent an email to him in London via his manager… I enclosed the lyrics and the Swedish version of the song and before I knew it he was standing in a studio in Stockholm mesmerizing me with his beautiful voice…” – The full interview with Per Gessle appears on

The iconic Nick Lowe was an influential force in the early days of the New Wave movement of the late seventies and early eighties. Lowe is best known for hits such as “Cruel to be Kind”, “I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock n Roll)”, “What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?” and “So it Goes”.

Much like Per Gessle, Nick is an accomplished producer and writer for other artists, most notably the legendary Elvis Costello. Nick Lowe is responsible for the acclaimed Elvis Costello albums My Aim is True, This Year’s Model and Armed Forces among many others.

Gessle’s admiration for Nick Lowe is evident as he references Lowe’s former record label in Roxette’s Have A Nice Day opening track, “Crush on You” – “…I can’t find my F-beat records…”.

Per has also confirmed that although “Småstadprat” was the lead single off Per’s 2017 Swedish album En vacker natt, the updated English version of the song now featuring Nick Lowe won’t be the first single off “Small Town Talk”, instead fan-favorite “Första pris” or “The Finest Prize” will now kick things off for Per’s English interpretation of his upcoming Nashville inspired album. The first single should see a June release in Europe.

Below is a 1979 appearance for Nick Lowe on the iconic UK music programme “Top of the Pops” singing his classic hit “Cruel to Be Kind”.



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May 9th, 2018

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