Nunstedt previews “Party Crasher”

STOCKHOLM - Expressen's Anders Nunstedt has gotten an exclusive prelisten of "Party Crasher," here are his comments:

SILLY REALLY - Relentless keyboard riffs dominate the album's absolute feel good-hit, which consists of 87 % hair mousse and 13 % disco.

THE PARTY PLEASER - hard-as-a-nail pop song with tons of oh la la's, hey-hey's and yeah yeah's. It sounds like two Roxette robots mangle P!nk with a gigantic steam roller.

STUCK HERE WITH ME - Per Gessle goes Justin (!). An r'n'b ballad (!) which is more exciting than Gyllene Tider's "Upphetsad" ("Excited")! As if the title starts with "F" instead of "St"…

SING ALONG - Helena Josefsson, who sang like a British nightingale from the '60s on "Plumber" takes a lot of space. Power ballad á la "Joyride".

GUT FEELING - Per buys a ticket to a T-Rex dream and sounds about the same as the latest Swedish solo album. Great rock song.

PERFECT EXCUSE - The pop magician transforms magically in this nice ballad: he changes and sounds like - abra cadabra - Michael Jackson!

BREATHE LIFE INTO ME - Gessle has already done the best whistle solo thru times ("Här kommer alla känslorna"). Now he's laying back in his soul chair and whistles a nice reggae.

HEY, I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN - A Timbaland-remix of "Wish I Could Fly"? A typical Gessle ballad, as romantically airy as the title suggests.

KISSING IS THE KEY - "Kissing is the key/to an everlasting love". And the music settles it. This is Eurythmics in "Tommy's Pop Show" circa '83.

THAI WITH A TWIST - Per rhymes "womanizer" with "kaiser" and "tranquilizer" before the song disappears in an unexpected saxophone solo drenched in audience sounds. Rather silly.

I DIDN'T MEAN TO TURN YOU ON -  The B-side of "Silly really". Electronic pop reggae with a brilliant synth solo.

DOESN'T MAKE SENSE - Amazing little synthpop ballad that, how odd it may seem, sounds like an electronic mash-up of Van Morrison and the Pet Shop Boys.

Anders Nunstedt also adds that the Roxette party is over, for good, and that there's a new party in town. Per's party.

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November 14th, 2008

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