New greatest hits album for the US?

Roxette fan Stephen Shelton asked EMI Canada about the US release. Here’s the reply he got: (He posted it to the Roxette Mailing List)

I’ll try to clarify the situation for you. Whenever any territory (country) releases a title, all other territories have a choice whether they release it or not (depending on their market, previous album sales, promotional activities, tour dates etc). We often try to release simultaneously with the US, but there are A LOT of titles released in Canada that are not released in the States(our markets are very different), and sometimes, it’s just that our release schedules are different, for various internal reasons. In this particular case, the US might release a greatest hits package which would include 2 tracks from the new album, we (in Canada,) preferred releasing the full album.

A greatest hits album with two HAND tracks?!! Sounds interesting. However, I guess many of the American fans would prefer releasing “Have A Nice Day”!

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June 8th, 1999

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