Name You Beautiful, the Liebherr anthem

Per Gessle is back with a dynamic song that could have easily been the opening song to Roxette’s last studio album Good Karma.

“Name You Beautiful” is a joyful and fast paced earworm that is quite possibly one of the very finest songs that Per Gessle has penned in the latter half of his illustrious songwriting career.

A mean fiddle welcomes the listener and falsely sets up a country expectation before a bouncy pop production sends the catchy ditty soaring to glorious heights where the delightful Helena sprinkles her ethereal vocals over a catchy chorus that twirls around your head brimming full of joyful pop delights.

– When I was asked to write the official song for the (Liebherr World Table Tennis Championship) tournament I didn’t hesitate. I was really up for the challenge. I wrote it together with some other local Halmstad-musicians, namely the guys from Galavant (Sebastian Atas and Victor Sjöström). Their super talented friend Viktor Broberg also contributed. We had lots of fun, says Gessle in a statement, adding: – The song isn’t really a net ball, more like a killer smash in the backhand corner!

This song is Gessle’s recent Nashville experience mixed with a modern Good Karma vibe but at its core it’s a classic, fast-paced Gessle piece of irresistible pop song that will leave you beaming for days – now if only we can get about twelve more of these as part of a new album.

Stay tuned to The Daily Roxette and TDR’s Facebook page for the link to the full song very soon!

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February 27th, 2018

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