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Pheew! It's hot! No, it's not!
So far the summer has been somewhere else. Not where I've been anyway!!! But…I do hope everyone is having a great time no matter what, and that you've checked out the cool "Stars"-video. I think it's pretty amazing and definitely one of the best clip we've ever done. Anton Corbijn who directed it is such a talented and nice guy.
Also, as you might know "Anyone" is still around in some countries but the "Stars"-campaign is slowly taking over.
Don't miss the huge amount of "Stars"-remixes we're releasing.
Perfect for the garden parties on your block!!! Or on the beach!
Thanks everyone who showed up in London at the Party in the Park recently. We did read the banners! And yes, "It will take a long long time" is in the new Richard Gere/Julia Roberts-movie "Runaway Bride" and no, it's not on the soundtrack for numerous reasons. And yes, we have started to write songs for the new album and no, there won't be any tour this year.
Keep it up, Have A Nice Day, Don't drink and drive, Be nice to small children.
Lots of love
From P.

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July 15th, 1999

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