Marie talks about God in the documentary

“A Second Chance”, a documentary about Marie and her illness, was aired last week in Sweden and Finland. In the documentary, Marie and her husband Micke Bolyos are interviewed in their home and video clips shot by Micke are shown. The documentary also shows Marie in September performing songs from her new album live in a small club.

  Marie talks a lot about God in the interview. Her sister Anna-Lisa died in a car crash some years ago. “It took a long time before God and I were friends again,” Marie says. She also tells how God helped her to write the song “The Change”. “I wrote the song and the lyrics very quickly. Later it felt like someone else had written the song,” she said.

  “The Change” is a very important song to Micke, too. “There’s one song on the album I haven’t been able to listen to, and that’s the version of ‘The Change’ with the symphony orchestra. The lyrics tell exactly how I felt after Marie’s illness was discovered,” he says.

  Marie is holding back tears when she thinks back to the events of September 11, 2002. “First I noticed losing vision in my right eye. The next thing I remember was Micke’s moaning voice. I had had an epileptic fit and hit my head very severely. Then I was on my way to hospital in an ambulance and the rest of the story you know already,” Marie explains.

  “The hardest thing was that I had to relearn to write and count. For a moment I thought I could never sing again, but fortunately that didn’t happen,” Marie says.

  The topic of the documentary is dark and Marie’s story is sad, but there is light. Marie says she has found strength from music, God and laughter.

  In perhaps the funniest part of the documentary, Marie’s seven-year-old son Oscar and his friend sing Per’s “Här kommer alla känslorna” in Marie’s home studio.

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