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Insightful Marie Fredriksson article in Expressen. For English readers, below is a very poor Google Translate attempt but you get the gist of the article – quite an intense and eye opening look into Marie’s book and life.

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Marie Fredriksson says in the new autobiography “Love of Life” that she suffers from a radiation injury. In it, the beloved artist talks about the difficulties to walk, she avoids going out, memory problems – and why she did not invite Per Gessle to her wedding.
At the same time celebrates her support from her husband Michael Bolyos.”To meet Micke was to come home, after all the years of searching,” she writes.

It is in her new autobiography “Love of Life” as Marie Fredriksson says candidly about his illness and his new life. The book, 245 pages long, was written by Helena von Zweigbergk and will be released on 14 October. Marie Fredriksson explains how her husband Michael Bolyos supported her through the illness.
but also how her husband prepared her for the possibility of death.

She did not talk about her burial, but how her husband Michael used tricks to get his wife to describe how she wanted her funeral should it ever get to that.

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle have been on a major world tour with Roxette. During the gigs, Marie Fredriksson sits on a chair, is led to and from the chair before and after the gigs as a result of a radiation injury.

In the book, Marie explains that she suffers from a radiation injury. She returned several times to how her feet, legs and hands no longer give her the same movement. Marie says in the book that it creates a solitude. “I think that anyone with any type of disability understand how it is. If you have difficulty walking, difficulty reading or manage otherwise it will be outside. It comes automatically,” she writes in the book.

Roxette is one of the most successful bands ever.
The group has sold over 75 million records worldwide and has topped the US Billboard charts four times. Roxette have had throughout the 19 songs in the UK top 40 list. The group was formed in 1986 and hit it big internationally with the album “Look Sharp!” 1988. 2002 Roxette took a break after Marie Fredriksson suffered a brain tumor. But since reunification in 2009, Roxette played two gigantic world tours. And the reaction from the audience is the same as before. The last tour, “Charm School” sold according to Dagens Nyheter tickets for SEK 1.5 billion.
During the tour, Per Gessle described his colleague and friend Marie’s struggle against the disease.

“…Absolutely amazing that she can even stand on stage after what she has gone through. And that everything works well. It is a miracle that she is back…” ‘he said .

In the book, Marie Fredriksson explains that her feet began to cause her problems nine years after the disease first was diagnosed.She writes that she twists and causes balance problems. One of the treatments have been to inject botox in the foot. Marie Fredriksson says that she is afraid to fall, after falling many times. “I have become much more afraid to move out on their own. It is tragic. I do not even go out into the garden itself anymore. I need someone to hold, even for short distances. This spring, if it is hot, I would like to go out and sit a while and enjoy the sun. I think so much about the heat, “she writes.

In the book, writes Marie Fredriksson about the love of her husband Michael Bolyos, she has two children with.
She writes on his support during his illness, and says that the couple fell for each other at the first meeting. She tells us also about the couple’s wedding in 1994. Marie writes that the couple chose a private event because she was “so tired of Roxette” then. But the choice not to invite Per Gessle and his wife Åsa to the wedding created a series of headlines, and the world press speculated that the band was about to shatter.

Marie Fredriksson explains his choice. “Some of our friends felt excluded and disappointed. Today I understand that, for example, Per and Åsa were wounded. But then I saw it that way. The only thing I wanted was for it to be to be private. It was what was important then, “she writes.

The book also describes meetings with famous people like Mick Jagger, Elton John and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Marie Fredriksson also writes candidly about past relationships and growing up.

In the book, Marie Fredriksson explains that she is suffering from memory problems. She describes how she learned the songs stanza for stanza again.

Marie Fredriksson also says that she is at the initial surgery suffered a prescription. On the one eye, she sees only one small glimmer. In the book, Marie Fredriksson about how she struggled with her self-image during their illness. The artist found it difficult to cope with the feeling of seeing his face swollen as a result of the treatment. She says that she at one point stopped eating cortisone and that she was careless with epilepsy medication.
“They were so scared” It ended with an attack where Marie Fredriksson was no longer contactable. “It was awful, everyone became so scared. These seizures I have so far received four times. Stress and swelling in the brain could have the effect,” she writes.

The book also explains her relationship to the media in connection with the disease, where she she is critical of Expressen’s coverage in 2002, as well as other media coverage at the time.

In the book, writes Marie Fredriksson also about hope. She often returns to her husband Mikael Bolyos and their love, and about life in their house in Spain.

Despite all the setbacks she has a bright outlook on life.

“Finally I feel that I have resigned myself to that I have a radiation injury to live with. That this was how it was. I have lost many years by the disease. Furthermore, it is a sadness to grow old. But every day, I think I’m thankful that I’m sitting here. And I can still sing, “she writes.

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