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Gyllene Tider + HBK + Halmia = true!

HALMSTAD – Could you be a fan of BOTH Arsenal and Chelsea? Could you be a fan of BOTH Manchester City and Manchester United? Milan AND Inter?
Well, why not? Gyllene Tider certainly can!

Halmstad’s sweethearts Gyllene Tider announced today they are gonna be proud sponsors of BOTH Halmstads BK and IS Halmia the upcoming 2013 season. HBK plays in Sweden’s major league while Halmia is a step below in the First Division.

– We are incredibly proud and flattered that Gyllene Tider want to cooperate with us. It feels like a natural partnership between two brands that are strongly associated with the summer-season in Halmstad, says Glenn Silverholt, sales and marketing chief of HBK.

And Halmia’s chief of marketing. Per-Gunnar Sjöö, continues:
– Per Gessle, who is a major sponsor of Halmia since many years, is together with the rest of the group sponsoring both Halmia’s men and women this thrilling season. We like that!

To show diplomacy of the highest level blue-dressed HBK will have a red Gyllene Tider logo on their backs while red-white Halmia will have a blue logo on theirs.

How did this happen? Well, Gyllene Tider are divided into two soccer camps. Per, MP and Göran are all Halmia-supporters, while Micke Syd wears his HBK cap proudly. Anders you say? He’d rather go fishing!

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February 18th, 2013

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