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GT25 Special – 25 questions to Micke “Syd” Andersson

HALMSTAD – Micke ”Syd” Andersson

Age: 43.

Family: Helena, Dennis 15, Eddie 11, Emil 14 and Louise 11.

Lives: An apartment in Södermalm in Stockholm, summerhouse in Haverdal.

Car: Citroên Berlingo

Hobbies: The family, different exercises.

The first record you bought?

“Wig Wam Bam” by Sweet.

Which record purchase are you most ashamed of?

A few symphonic rock records I bought in my teens, and when I listened to them a while ago, they stood out as big question marks in my record history.

What’s your biggest concert experience?

Springsteen at Ullevi ’81, Bonnie Raitt at Konserthuset in Stockholm, and Joni Mitchell at the same place.

What’s the best record to have in your car?

Songs that feel like they’re made for cars – like “Solsken” from “Finn 5 fel!”.

Your best Återtåget memory?

When I saw the thousands of bikes outside of Sofiero in Helsingborg and I realized they were all there to see us. Then of course I’ll never forget Stockholm stadium and the last gig at Brottet.

Your worst Återtåget memory?

The first gig at Brottet… because we had a “discussion” during the afternoon sound check that resulted in me leaving and staying to myself before the gig. It wasn’t our best gig that tour, if you catch my drift.

Which Gyllene Tider-song do you refuse to play today?

Most of the songs from “The Heartland Café”.

What ring signal do you have on your cell phone?

I change it frequently, but I liked the old monophonic ring signals better. The phones are too damn noisy these days.

What web site do you want to promote?

What’s your worst vacation memory?

When Helena and I got stuck in New York on our first trip together, and our luggage went back to Stockholm.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

An eye of a fish on Kos.

How will Sweden do in the soccer championship?

If everything works out, we can go to the semi-finals.

Are you scared of getting old?

No, I get wiser and better looking every year.

When was the last time you were drunk?

It was a year ago on the ferry between Tallinn and Stockholm. It was so windy that Helena and I got drunk on hard liquor. But it was forced on us. Usually I stay away from that. I always have. Alcohol has never been my thing.

What sports would you have become great in?

Soccer, I still hope for a spot on HBK’s “A” team. Janne Andersson hasn’t realized my magnitude yet, unfortunately.

Admit that you have a “dead body” in your closet, and in that case, what?

I farted as a reply to my ex-wife’s proposal on the Canary Islands. It was my stomach’s fault really.

You have a degree in Chineseology [massage and acupuncture]. What happened with that?

I work with it some. I’m rather lazy. But there’s hope, and I made great use of it myself during the training on my own life’s journey.

What’s happening with life after the summer tour? Any new projects or albums planned?

Work wise… I freelance, like I’ve done most of my adult life. What I do know is that the whole family is going to New Zealand this fall… if the kids study well enough of course.

Have you written any songs of your own, and what has happened to them in that case?

I actually co-wrote two songs on the “Per’s Garage” album, but it has only given me enough royalties to buy one valve cap for one of Per’s Ferraris. But there’s hope here too… maybe I have a little Don Henley living inside me.

Do you have a favorite actor?

Brian Dennehy, since he has such damn charisma. He can play a bastard or a good guy; whichever he does… he’s noticed.

What’s your feeling before the three sold-out gigs at Örjans Vall and the 50,000 at Ullevi?

I’m incredibly thankful and proud that our audience wants to see us… so I get to join in on this party. Dennis didn’t care about “Återtåget,” he was too little. But now this is THE subject in school and his friends think it’s really cool that I, his dad, am going out on a Gyllene tour.

Translation by Thomas Evensson for TDR

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